Friday, January 11, 2008

Suffering on Sanitas

Sanitas (South Ridge)
3 miles/1,300 vertical
22:08 up/16 down

Man I have a ways to go in my training, although today I have a laundry list of excuses.
1st, man it was dark, I had forgotten that despite the fact that we are weeks past the solstice, the mornings have gotten progressively darker until the end of December, then stalled out until today. Now the mornings will slowly get longer, although we have been adding daylight in the afternoon since early December.

Most people going about their daily routines hardly notice these minute details, but when you are trying to squeak in runs in the winter, or climbing mountains it becomes quite evident.

It was barely light enough to see and detail was very minimal for the first 10 minutes or so. I have not exercised once since the 1st and have had a bad head cold, maybe even a touch of the flu (at least I felt that weak last weekend, not even being able to open a new bottle of juice). I thought I was pretty much over it yesterday, but this morning I was reminded that it is still there lingering, as my energy level was low and my breathing somewhat not up to par (the cold wind was not doing any favors).

Because of all this, I went pretty easy for the first half and then was feeling a bit tired on the second half and still went slow. Despite this, I was still expecting a minute or so faster, but whatever. Regardless, it was still great to finally get out again.