Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday, 04/05/11 March Stats

Not much to report, as I am still trying to get over this achilles thing.  Last week I thought I was making great progress with the treatment/therapy I have been undergoing (but still resolved to take a few more weeks for good measure), but then without any outside influences (that I can think of or recall), has taken a turn for the worse.  I am limping a bit again and feel as though I am back to square one which is really starting to suck. 

Back in January, I thought a few weeks or a month off would be all I needed and I would be back at it soon, but here it is, April 5th already and I am not seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Earlier in the year I contemplated a few Spring/early Summer races, but now I am feeling like I will be lucky if I can get training for Pikes by May or June.  Grrrr.....   Meanwhile, the bike riding is a blast and I am having fun taking care of my girls (

March Stats:

Hike/jog miles:  21.5
Vertical:  4,450
Summits:  1 (that peak near Eldo)

Bike miles:  342 (280 of which were on the MTB/trails)
Bike vertical:  Wish I knew, but these rides consist of countless rollers and small climbs and I don't feel like calculating, but I am sure it is a fair bit.
Times almost getting leveled by the wind:  Countless

Got a kick out of this cartoon (though if I wrote it, I would be fully dressed for a ride, watch Flanders, then go out for a ride)