Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, 07/02/12 Green Mountain

I sprung out of bed this morning like a 6 year old on Christmas morning as I remembered that Green Mountain was to be re-opened today.  After seeing S. Boulder and Bear Peaks burn last week and even seeing a small fire on Green Mountain, I was a little concerned that Green would go up in flames too, so needless to say, myself and many other were relieved as well that it is safe, at least for the time being.

I think I was a little early though, as it was, well, early and I saw nobody out there, nor did I see one other footprint.  Kind of weird in a peaceful and tranquil sort of way.

Here are a few pictures of the burn area looking South.

Upper Bear looked singed, but as bad as I had feared.

S. Boulder looked a bit worse

There is still some smoke billowing, I am guessing from the backburn and efforts to contain

The West Ridge Trail looked especially worked over though, a real shame as it was one of the best rolling stretches of trail around.  I should improve the views though.

Sunday, 07/01/12 Longs Peak (Again)

Longs Peak, 14,255
11.15 miles
~5,000 vert.
4:54 RT (2:41 up)
Keyhole Route-ish with variations

I have been trying to drag GZ out for a lap on something for months and the planets finally lined up yesterday for an early morning trip to Longs.  We sent out a few invites and Nick and Homie both signed on.  It was another warm day which made for perfect conditions on the mountain and we were very comfortable in t shirts and shorts.  Started a bit after 6am and settled into a casual hike with some running here and there and it was great to spend the morning socializing with these guys, taking it easy and enjoying one anothers company.  Bumped into Peter B and Bill B on the summit as they were on their way to doing the grand slam and chatted with them for a bit.  Stuck more to the trail on the descent and had a good time chatting with Nick and getting to know him more.  Great guy, watch out for him at Hardrock.  As always, great catching up with GZ and Homie too.

I'll let the pictures and video tell the rest of the story:

George carefully easing down from the Homestretch onto the narrows

MVI 2006 from Jeff Valliere on Vimeo.

Marching through the Boulderfield

N. Face/Old Cables route


Homie, Nick, George

GZ along the ledges

Looking down the trough

GZ negotiating the crux section (it was about here where Tim took a tumble on our Winter ascent)

Nick and GZ on the narrows

Nick is all smiles

Ditto for GZ

And Homie, the Longs Peak master (well, one of them)

Almost there

GZ is the highest dude in RMNP

Tony's preferred route