Sunday, April 24, 2011

04/24/11 Weekly Wrap-Up

Overall a pretty good week, nothing crazy, just a lot of fun being outside getting back out on the peaks.  My achilles is improving, but the issue is definitely still there and I am being very aware and cautious by keeping my distance and effort somewhat conservative.  The good news is, thus far, nothing I have done this week has made it any worse and it feels a bit stronger each day.  Hopefully I can start pushing myself a bit more soon, as I have a lot of work to do to get back into decent running condition.

Monday 4/18/11: Green Mountain 5.5 miles/2,400 vertical

Tuesday 4/19/11: Local run 4.1 miles/370 vertical

Wednesday 4/20/11: Wanted to get out, but had to work and then family duties got in the way.

Thursday 4/21/11: Baby jogger run ~4 miles/500 vertical.

Parked in Boulder and ran up the Boulder Creek Path. It was a great day to be out, except the headwind was a bit chafing (the Chariot was tough to push uphill/upwind, but it was more the annoyance to the babies that made me turn and the decision was boosted by a flat tire (that I was able to fix on the spot)). Went super easy, tending to the girls needs, taking pictures, showing them cool stuff, changing a flat tire and stopping by the bike shop.

Friday 4/22/11: S. Boulder Peak and Bear Peak.  RT in a bit under 2 hours (59:?? for SoBo ascent)

Put out a last minute call to Brandon and he bit. Sierra and I met him at S. Mesa (was not planning to bring Sierra, but she guilted me into it at the last minute) and we headed up the non leash law Homestead Trail(instead of Towhee which is a few minutes faster), then up the normal Shadow route to SoBo Peak. We went at a somewhat relaxed pace, chatting and catching up. Sierra did a great job on the ascent, pretty much going as fast as we wanted to go with only a few delays when she stopped to drink water and socialize with other dogs, but I quickly got her back on track whenever she lagged. Over to Bear after SoBo, I took the direct rock climb to the top for something different, while Brandon and Sierra just went to the post. The descent was casual, as Brandon is nursing an achey knee and we were waiting some for Sierra (she is always particularly slow from the mouth of Shadow back to the car, not really age related, as she has always "dogged" this section since she was 2 years old or so).

Saturday 4/23/11: Green Mountain.  Up "middle", down Long Canyon. 7.31 miles 43:16 up/1:17 total.

I was not expecting to get out, but Allison called into work sick, so I was able to get in a bonus run. Originally I thought about running 3 peaks, but it was 30 degrees and snowing, so I ultimately just figured it would be best for me to keep the run short, run a few errands and score points by coming home early to help all the sick ladies in the house (yes, the twins were sick too).  Went up Gregory/Greenman (middle route) and went a little bit harder than I have gone in a while, cautiously pushing the pace at times, but generally kept the effort moderate. Near the ranger cabin, the snow started to accumulate more and more and footing was less than ideal with the 2-3 inches of fresh snow, so this gave me additional motivation to keep off the throttle.

At the Greenman/Saddle Rock junction, I spotted a faint set tracks that I eventually recognized as a PI Peak XC shoe, perhaps it is somebody I know?  By the summit, the tracks seemed to be getting relatively fresher, so I suspected that I was making up time on this person.  I had previously decided to take W. Ridge/Long Canyon back and coincidentally, so did the person wearing the Peak XCs so the chase was on.  I picked up the pace a little bit on the down, knowing the tracks ahead were getting fresher and fresher and around each corner, expected to see the owner. Some ladies walking up making tracks helped me to judge freshness and I was doing track freshness math for quite some time.

Based on the stride, tangent cutting and accuracy, I knew whomever I was chasing was moving very well and had a long stride, so it seemed whomever I was chasing knew what they were doing.  After Long Canyon and below the cabin, the tracks unfortunately went left toward Flag and I headed down Gregory, oh well....

Passed Dakota Jones heading up Gregory, said a quick hi, but did not stop (not sure he even knows who I am, but we have a handful of mutual friends). On the way home in the car, Dave called me and we chatted for a bit and we slowly figured out that it was him I was chasing up/down Green Mountain. No wonder I never caught the mystery person!  He must have been taking it easy IF I was gaining on him.  We were both bummed we were running minutes apart on the same trail and had not coordinated even though I called him before the run and he was assuming I was on baby duty due to our conversation the prior day.

Garmin Stats

Sunday 4/24/11 Green Mountain 5.36 miles/2,306 vertical 1:05 total 41:02up/24 down

Up/down back.  Had a really bad headache all day, but the free time was available to get out after work, so I was hoping some fresh air would improve my well being a bit.  The elevated HR only made my headache pound worse and I did not feel all that great physically, so I kept the effort no more than moderate, but mostly easy.  The fresh air, light snow and overall Spring like conditions however did wonders for my mental state.  I bumped into Allison and Sierra as they were coming down the NW ridge above the Greenman/Ranger junction (was hoping to time it better to descend with them, but just a few minute stop was all we got unfortunately).  Sierra was surprised to see me and went absolutely nutso as she was so fired up.  I almost turned around with them, but was intent on getting to the summit. 

Garmin Stats

Also tested out a new pair of shoes today as well, a pair of Mizuno Wave Ascend 6.  A bit heavy (11.? oz. which is seeming more and more heavy to me nowadays) but they are a really nice pair of shoes, great traction, stability, cushion and overall great feel.

Also briefly tested a pair of these yesterday, Mizuno Wave Universe 4.  3.6ish oz., so no wonder any other shoes feel heavy (these are being passed along to Brandon, as I can't ever see running in them).

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday, 04/21/11 Shoes Continued

Awesome Rogue Racer, perhaps the best shoe in my line-up, at least tied for the best (thanks Geoff!).

Brooks Adreneline ASR 8.  Love Brooks, eager to test out this "all weather water resistant shoe".  A bit on the heavy side, but if this is anything like other Brooks shoes, it will be great.

Zoot OVWA.  Just another Zoot shoe (not sure what the OVWA stands for).  Just wearing them around the house, I have noticed that they are a little squeaky, not sure what is up with that.  Light and comfy though.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, 04/18/11 Green Mountain

Up Greg/Ranger: 43
Down Front: 25

I was mentally into getting out after work for some fresh air, but once I got on the trail, I physically was not at all into it.  I was low on energy overall, my achilles was feeling iffy and the test shoes I was wearing were feeling heavy and more like a hiker than a trail runner (more on the shoe later).

From the first step, I knew it was not to be my day, so I just took it easy from the get go and then bonked hard a few minutes above the cabin.  Fortunately, I had thrown a gel in my pocket at the last minute and I scarlfed it down, but it took a while for the sugar to reach my system.  With the bonk and my seemingly degrading achilles, I contemplated just turning around and heading home for dinner, but ultimately just ended up walking most of the upper 1/3 of the mountain. 

Once on the summit, I felt a little better, but was eager to get down and eat some dinner, so I headed down the front side, taking some interesting new routes that I had never done before, but it was very steep and dense which ended up costing me some time I am sure (but fun to see new scenery).

Test shoes, Scarpa Blitz Boa....  I will not go into detail, but let's just say that the shoe is a klompy/klunky hiking boot, intended to be a trail runner that looks like a low top hiker.  Easy on/off, but the Boa lace system is not for me, as it is impossible to get a custom fit like you would with a normal lace.  When I cinched it down to a point where I thought I had good tension and foothold, I had uncomfortable pressure points in some areas, where in other areas, the shoe was too loose and my foot would slide around descending steep terrain.  Perhaps some of it has to do with the shoe, but I think I will stick with a normal tried and true lacing system (although I have always liked the Salomon laces). 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, 04/16/11 Green

I was hoping to get out for a lap on Green with GZ and Footfeathers as they were running four three laps in lieu of a RRR run, but I ended up getting out later than I had hoped (but was still really stoked to get an opportunity to get out and enjoy a fine Spring day).  I put in a last minute call to Homie (that's how I roll nowadays that I have kids), figuring that he was probably long gone on Pikes or Green already, but fortunately, he too was slow to get out the door and was hanging out at home looking to get outside.

We met at the Gregory lot around 11:30am and headed up Gregory at a casual pace and soon bumped into Tim and then George who was not far behind as they were finishing up their final lap.  We chatted for a while, almost talking them into a fourth lap, but they needed to get home unfortunately.  Homie and I continued on and opted for Long Canyon since we had a bit of time and I was without Sierra.  Long lived up to it's namesake as usual, but I was really enjoying it with the warm sun, fresh snow and the great company of Homie.

Headed to the summit via W. Ridge and made the summit in about 1:03 I think (not including the social stop), spent a few minutes on top, then, against the advice of GZ and FF, took a chance and headed down the front.  It was snowy, but it was melting a bit and though caution was necessary, it was not too bad (especially with the gnarly traction the La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0s provide).  Not surprisingly, it was a great day out and great to catch up with Homie as it had been a while.  The achilles felt pretty good and though I was eager to push harder, I think it was helpful to continue to go easy on it.

Up:  Gregory/Long/W. Ridge 1:03
Down:  Greenman/Saddle/Amphi  24

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, 04/16/11 More Shoes

In the 11th hour as I was on verge of having to run barefoot, the call came to come pick up some new test shoes....  Here are the latest ones on the shelf:

NB 915.  Though it looks sleek, this is certainly not a "Tony" NB shoe.  It is very sturdy and has the most beefy rock plate I have ever seen and it feels a bit stiff underfoot (and in hand).  It does have great traction though and is comfortable (though it is a bit voluminous and somewhat long for my usual 9.5).

Tecnica Diablo Sprint.  Reasonably light, great feel and traction (although they skate a lot bit on wet rock).  Stability and protection are good without feeling klunky.  Has a good "rocker" action, somewhat like the Hokas and I feel almost as tall in them as I would with a Hoka.

Brooks Glycerin 9.  Just got these yesterday and have not done more than walk around in them a bit.  I really like Brooks shoes and this model is no exception.  This might be the most plush and cush non-Hoka shoe I have ever worn, but in a good way.  It is a road shoe, but I think will do well on the trail.  This shoe will be released on June 1st rumor has it, so put your order in now!

Scarpa Blitz Boa.  I have snubbed my nose at these (even for free) a few times, but after just casually wearing them around, I am impressed with the fit and comfort.  Might end up being more of a casual day to day shoe, or a hiking/walking shoe though.

Zoot OTEC.  Another tri geek shoe (sorry JP/Lucho, but I say that with love and respect ;)).  Light, comfortable, good ventilation.  Not sure why Zoot makes different models, they are all the same to me, just different color/styling/laces....

Had not run in these as of my last shoe post, but this shoe is EPIC!  The fit is unbelievable and the traction on dry or wet rock is unmatched.  The perfect shoe for something scrambly like Longs where you are running for a long time and then scrambling on polished rock.  This runs like a real running shoe and scrambles like an approach shoe or maybe even a climbing shoe.  I HIGHLY recommend them if you do "adventure runs".

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday, 04/14/11 Green Mountain

Unexpectedly, my afternoon opened up (coinciding with the clouds parting to reveal a beautiful sunny day) and I was granted a baby break to get out for some fresh air.  I had a few new pairs of shoes to test and it was too wet to ride my bike, so I decided pay a visit to Green.  I made a few last minute phone calls to see if anybody could join and Scott J bit and ironically at the same time, I got an e-mail from Jim P about dogs on Green Mountain and informed him of the loosely timed "plan".  While waiting for Scott at the Gregory TH, Jim and his dog Maya came trotting up, followed by Scott seconds later.  Perfect timing.

We headed up Gregory/Ranger through the several inch deep slush and slop.  I set the pace, but felt bad for going so slow, as I know I was holding those guys up, as I was struggling a bit to maintain conversation in my less fit than normal state, not to mention the slipping in the snow was a bit taxing.

The summit appeared in a sluggish 44 minutes or so, but it hardly seemed like that long, as it felt so good to be out on a snowy, sunny day with great company.  We spent a few minutes on the summit, chatting about Vagisil and whether or not it is on the USADA banned substance list for ultrarunners.  Kayenta.

The descent was slow and cautious and we enjoyed plenty of great conversation (27:12 down Gregory/Ranger).  Back at the car, we spent a while discussing shoes (Scott was wearing some bad ass prototype Brooks light weight trail racer) and I had a trunk full of different test shoes.  After parting ways, I headed back up Gregory with a new set of shoes on my feet and another on my hands to do some more testing in the ideal for testing conditions.

It was great to finally run with Scott and great to see Jim again as it has been a while.  I really enjoyed having Maya along to, she is a great dog and I wished that I had Sierra along, they would have had a blast.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, 04/10/11 Green Mountain

I felt a strong urge to get out on the trails today and head up Green Mountain.  I was tentative because of my achilles, but I threw caution to the wind as I needed this mentally more than anything.  I don't think I will know if was a mistake or not until tomorrow, but the discomfort was still there for sure.

I went up the backside and I felt surprisingly good, especially since I have not run at all for nearly 2 months, much less uphill.  The lungs felt great, the legs felt decent, yet I still held back a lot to be on the safe side and not tweak anything. 

Headed back down the front side and I was a wobbly mess with very little confidence, more achilles pain discomfort and my thighs were shot by the time I was done.


38:39 up back
23:59 down front

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, 04/08/11 SuperWalker

They don't call it Walker Ranch for nothing.....

After exchanging a few e-mails during the week with Lucho, Bill and Stefan, I decided to do something a little different (having an extra set of hands at home helped as well) and get out for my first time doing "SuperWalker" which is riding from Chautauqua, up over SuperFlag, to Walker Ranch, riding the Walker loop and then riding back.  I have ridden Walker a few times on the mountain bike, run it a handful of times and have ridden Flag on the road bike often, but this was my first time doing this surprisingly.

The moment I got on the bike, I knew that my legs were not feeling great, which was compounded by the immidiate climbing.  Flag was a bit of a slog on the mountain bike and I just plugged away, going a decent pace, but not really pushing at all.  I assumed that I would at least be at or better than my run PR (37 minutes), but with the adjustment for the Chautauqua start (1:50 additional), I was more than 2 minutes slower.

I was at Walker in another 10 and decided to go counter clockwise in order to minimize the impact on my mending achilles by not having to hike-a-bike up the steep steps from the river.  I began the first descent a bit too fast and scared myself a few times, so I backed off and took things a bit more conservative.  The next climb from the river to the far lot involved more hike-a-bike than I remembered and I jumped off several times and just walked a few times instead of rapid fire mounts and dismounts.

The swooping descent out of the far lot was fun as always.  I dabbed a few times and then walked down the short but steep rocky drops and then of course carried my bike down the steep rock steps, taking a breather half way down, as my scrawny arms and shoulders were sore from carrying my tank of a mountain bike.

The climb back to the lot is very steep in spots and tried to ride as much as I could, but got pretty maxxed out with the interval nature of it and found it easier to walk, which I did quite often and extensively.  I knew my time would be well off my best, but was way worse than I anticipated, a pitiful 1:11.

Once back on the road, I had a road rider to chase.  I reeled him in somewhat, but he must have heard me and stood on it.  If I really got after it, I might have been able to catch/pass, but I did not want to do battle all the way back, so I just maintained a ~20-~30 second gap all the way back to Chautauqua.

I am full of excuses for this one.  I am just plain old not in that great of shape, only getting out sporadically a few times per week.  I am in moderate to poor biking shape and don't really have much for climbing legs as it has been quite a long time since I have biked uphill.  Then achilles caution made for some slow bike pushing.  Ughh.  Knowing all this going into it though, I did not knock myself out and just had a great time getting into the hills after such a long reprieve.

Stone Bridge: 1:50
SuperFlag: 41:41
Start Walker:  51:38
Finish Walker: 2:02:38
Back at top of SuperFlag:  2:20:11
Finish at Chautauqua crosswalk: 2:29:54

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, 04/08/11 I Like Shoes

Not to be outdone by Imelda Marcos, I have been working on quite the collection of shoes over the years and recently felt the urge to post some pictures and a few comments about each shoe. Many (most) of them are test shoes where I have written reviews (or am currently testing) and given feedback, some I have actually purchased and a few were given to me by friends.

My obsession began way back when I was a little tike and my mom would take me to buy new shoes at Reds Shoe Barn in Dover NH. As a wide eyed toddler, it seemed like the biggest shoe store in the world and I would enjoy wandering around indefinitely handling just about every shoe that caught my interest.

Since then, I have worked in a sports store selling shoes (when I was 19), sold cycling shoes at bike shops, have been testing shoes for Pearlizumi since 2005 and most recently have been testing shoes for Competitor Magazine. The most recent testing opportunity with Competitor has by far been the best (thanks to John Tribbia for hooking me up), as I have been able to get into a wide variety of brands, types/models and I get to keep them afterwards. I keep the ones I like most and have been able to pass along a few pairs of shoes to friends along the way as well, which I enjoy doing.

Here is my current line up of shoes in no particular order and perhaps a brief comment or two on each.  This post could easily be in the running for the most boring the blog World has ever seen (can't say I didn't warn you!!).

La Sportiva Electron.  Just got them yesterday and have not used them yet, but I am intrigued by the innovative sole.  They feel really comfortable just wearing them around thus far.

La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0.  Just got these yesterday as well and have not used them yet, but can't wait.  They seem like the ultimate mountain shoe, incredible traction, stability, protection, reasonably light weight.

La Sportiva Wildcat GTX.  Got these a year and a half ago in a larger size to accomodate a thick wool sock and only use them for the coldest/snowiest days or for Winter peaks (have used them on several 14ers in Winter)

La Sportiva Barr Trail.  Won these in Bill's runners vs. biker series a few years back (2006 I think).  It is a nice shoe (sturdy), but never fit my foot well.  Would be happy to pass them along if anybody is interested (size 10, but fit more like a 9.5)

Helly Hansen Pace Trail (was surprised to see a running shoe from HH).  These are a bit stiff and heavy, but have great traction and protection.  Would be great for really rocky high stuff.

Great shoe, excellent traction, not particularly light, but reasonable.  A good day to day trail shoe.

Old PI Peak XC.  This was a big jump for Pearl, light and comfortable, but traction is lacking.  Would love to get my hands on the newer version, but it has been a year or so since I have tested a pair of running shoes for Pearl, not sure what is going on there, but the Competitor gig is more than making up for it. 

PI Streak.  Absolutely one of the lightest, most comfortable and fast feeling shoes I have ever put on my feet (which is why I am eager to try the trail version).

ISO Seek IV WRX (softshell prototype version test pair from last year)

ISO Seek IV WRX (studded)

Montrail Rogue Racer.  About as good as any trail racing shoe out there, super light and comfortable.  Top of the line.

Montrail Streak.  Another one of my faves (that I actually bought).  They no longer make them, but have been replaced by the Mt. Masochist.  I used these for the RRR last year and would probably use them again there (have not worn them since and am saving them for special occasions).

Vasque Mindbender 7510.  Another favorite.  Light, fast feeling, great protection and traction.  You could use these for an all day outing.

Mizuno Wave Elixr 6 road shoe.  Something between a clompy overbuilt road shoe and a race flat.  These are light but sturdy and cross over nicely to trails (except that big groove in the heel picks up rocks on occasion).

Keen A86 TR.  When I first saw these, I thought WTF?  Keen making a trail race flat?  I almost passed them by, but thought what the heck.  Turns out they are a true favorite.  Super light, traction is AMAZING and they are really comfortable and well ventilated.  Protection is reasonable for a flat, but I would probably not run in them for much more than 3 hours if on rougher/rocky trails.  I even scored a second pair from my friend Andrew before he moved to Florida.

Saucony Kinvara 2.  They look like you are wearing bananas on your feet, but they are amazing light, comfortable and fast feeling.  Though made for road use, the tread is sufficient for trails.  Without a rock plate, my trail runs in these might be limited (they make a trail version called the Peregrine with a little better protection for trails).  The upper on this is really worth checking out, super sleek and unique.

Brooks Racer ST5.  Go Broncos!  Unfortunately I am not nearly as fast as this shoe looks, but it is fun to pretend in them.  Very light and comfy, burly enough for trail use too (with caution though).

Brooks Trance 10.  A favorite road shoe, not the lightest, but great comfort and cushion.  Excellent traction and is easily at home on the trail (just about any trail).

Brooks Ravenna 2.  Very similar to the Trance 10.

Brooks Cascadia 5.  Another favorite, reasonable weight, great traction, stability and protection for fast running on rough trails.  My only complaint is that I wear the tread bald off the toe after ~80-100 miles.

Adidas Adistar Mana.  A really killer lightweight road race flat.  Another shoe that I am not nearly fast enough for.

Asics Gel Trail Attack 7.  A good daily mid weight trail training/high mountain shoe.  Great traction and protection.

Lafuma Speedtrail.  Another sturdy mid weight trainer with good traction and protection.  A unique lacing system that I am not particularly sold on (hard to get it adjusted and then tucked in just right).

Saucony Triumph 8.  Comfortable and well cushioned road shoe.

Salomon XT Wings.  I bought these on sale last year while in the middle of a shoe draught (my how things have changed).  I had high hopes, as I have always been a big fan of Salomon shoes, but was not all that impressed.  They are overly padded and black, which makes for a hot shoe in the summer, are not particularly light (or light feeling) and rock protection in the forefoot is non existent which surprises me with such a shoe.  They make a better shoe for day to day wearing around town, as they are comfortable and easy to put on.

Salomon XA Pro 3D.  I bought these a few years ago.  Overall a great shoe, but rock protection in the forefoot is lacking.  I have since cut the back off the right shoe (as suggested by Jeremy for my achilles) and just use them for civilian use and dog walking.

Patagucci Specter.  Another great day to day, mid-weight trail training shoe.  Burly with great traction and protection, they look cool too.

Hoka Mafate.  I used to chuckle to myself when I saw these, but this is another favorite.

Hoka Bondi B.  Not as stable as the Mafate, nor is the traction as good, but it is lighter and faster feeling.  Very snug upper and great rocker feel to the toe.  I look forward to running in these more.

Oboz Lightning.  This is a low top hiker disguised as a trail runner (in my opinion).  Very well built, excellent traction and protection, but I don't feel at all inclined to run in them, much less run fast.  Would make an awesome hiking shoe though.

Zoot Ultra TT40.  Easy and fast to put on tri shoe, light, comfortable, well ventilated.  These are ideal shoes to put on quickly and walking the dog (but do not attempt when snowy as they have 0 traction).

Zoot Kapilani.  Another tri based shoe, great for road running, comfortable and light/fast, but no traction for trail usage (as you can see, I tried).

Saucony Paramount 3. Comfortable and well cushioned road shoe.

Chaco casual dress hiking shoe.  A test pair from a few years ago.  Too nice to hike in, so I just wear them when I am trying to look nice (which is hard for me to do).

Salomon Boots (I forgot the model).  Purchased these a few years ago for really cheap and use them when I want a little more protection than a trail runner for the high mountains.

Nike whatevers (again, I forgot the name).  These have great sticky rubber and are very much like a climbing shoe, but you can hike all day in them.  I use them for the more difficult peaks that involve class 4.

Bought these at REI, super warm, great traction boot for serious cold Winter 14er days/snowshoeing etc...  These boots are super comfy and waterproof and my feet have never gotten cold in them even on high peaks, sub 0 temps and knock you down wind.

Raichle boots.  Again, purchased from REI a few years ago.  Good for using crampons and mixed climbing, very sturdy and waterproof, but very stiff, heavy and klunky.  I hate wearing them, unless I absolutely need them for a snow climb and they work over my heel like nobodys business, even with two pairs of socks and duct tape for good measure.

My Sportiva climbing shoes.  I like the high-toppyness so when I grovel and flounder for dear life I don't scrape up my knobby ankle bones.

Go-Lite slip ons.  Dave hooked me up with these a few years ago when he was running for Go-Lite and I wear them all the time for trips to the garage, mailbox, taking out the garbage, the dog at night for a pee, grilling and to the store.  They are getting ragged, but I will wear them until they turn to dust.

Chaco Z-1 Unaweep.  I got these yesterday at REI yesterday, as I was long overdue to replace my 9 year old Z-1s that had been re-soled a few times (they needed re-everything this time around, so it was cheaper/easier to get a new pair that were on sale).

Most recent PI road test shoes.  These are middle of the road, but are probably better than most top line shoes just a few years ago.  Stiff, light, comfortable, ventilated, sleek 

Sidi Dominators.  These shoes rock.  Got them many years ago and they are just as good today as the day I bought them.  They are not great for hike a bike though, as the hard sole is a little skaty on rock.

Freebie PI test shoes from years ago.  Great for commuting/civilian use or if you know you might be doing some hike a bike.

Old PI road shoes.

My house slippers that I got for Christmas a few years ago (REI).  As Adam Carolla warns, with a soled slipper, you can easily be lured into doing too much with them, like running errands and such.  Thus far, they have not gone beyond the driveway.