Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday, 01/07/12 Local Run

Part 1:  4.13 miles/191 vert./29:30/7:09 pace/155 avg. HR
Part 2:  1.31 miles/105 vert./11:20/8:40 pace/138 avg. HR

5.44 miles/296 vert./40:50

Got out for a quickie run late morning.  Was told to be back in 30 minutes and did so in 29:30, but then had a little extra time to tack on a cool down 1.3.

Went high side of moderate for the most part on the first run out around Harper Lake.  Figured my pace would be much quicker without ~75 lbs of baby jogger to push, but I did not feel like I was going much faster without it.  Definitely a little quicker on the uphill grades, but maybe even slower without it on the flats and downhills.