Saturday, May 24, 2008

S. Boulder, Bear, Green

~16 miles
~4,800 vertical
4hrs 37 minutes

Allison, Sierra and I got out for a great hike today, as the weather in Boulder was too tempting to resist. Started at S. Mesa, took our time heading to Shadow. At the mouth of Shadow, I ran ahead to the summit. Went on the mellow side of moderate, made the saddle in 24, summit in another 5, then ran back down to meet Allison and Sierra at the saddle. Went back up, then over to Bear. Spent some time lounging on each summit. Headed down W. Ridge, got in trouble by a ranger for not having the dog on leash, we honestly did not know it was a leash only trail as our choice of routes at the summit of Bear bypassed all signage.

Went up Green, then back down Bear Canyon to Mesa and then S. to Bluestem. My 20 oz. bottle ran out way too soon and I was quite parched. Got harrassed by another butch ranger near the TH, but we were totally legit. The heat is on for the holiday weekend.