Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, 03/26/12 Bear Peak

Up Fern/Down Bear Canyon (from Cragmoor)

7.54 miles/3,028 vert./1:33 (45 up)/avg HR 147  Garmin Data

Was great to re-visit Fern after almost 2 months away on a nice warm day.  Legs were a little heavy and I was low on energy (have been flirting with being sick, again, for the past week, but now I think it is the real deal), though I had a great time being out on the trails.  Headed down W. Ridge and Bear Canyon which was enjoyable as always.  The wind was pretty gusty at times and I occasionally felt as though it was going to topple me over which required the occasional stop/drop, especially near the summit.

I am planning some days off from running, as I just feel like cumulative life stress, work stress, lack of sleep, being sick, injured ribs etc.... has all been conspiring against me a bit and I have felt less than ideal for about a week and a half.  Just need to hit the reset button so to speak.  Heading to Moab on Friday for a few days and have 10 days off of work total and really need it mentally.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday, 03/24/12 S. Boulder/Bear/Green and Green Again


SoBo/Bear/Green from S. Mesa
(Towhee/Shadow/W. Ridge/GreenBear/New Trail/Bear Canyon/Mesa/Bluebell)

13 miles/4,602 vert./2:52/avg. HR 149  Garmin Data

Excellent morning run with GZ, Dave, Homie, Joe G, and Jason S..  Upper SoBo was a bit of a mess with deep snow and random Winter routing and made for some interesting moments on the way down, but otherwise the trails are mostly melted out.  Met up with the Timkos on Bear saddle and summit for a chat.

We went conversational pace most of the time, but despite not going tooo hard, I was often times uncomfortable breathing due to some bruised ribs and was unable to take deep breaths and each step hurt a bit.


Green Mountain from Realization Point

3.37  miles/1,735 vert.  Garmin Data

Easy hike with the family up Ranger on a perfect afternoon.  SUPER crowded out there today, who can resist such weather?  Reluctantly carried the spikes for the very short snow section, but was very glad I did, especially for the descent (had to work around many people and rambunctious dogs).  Bumped into Kendrick and chatted with him for a bit.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday, 03/22/12 Flatirons Vista - Friday, 03/23/12 Mayhoffer Loop

Thursday, 03/22/12 Marshall/Flatirons Vista Baby Jogger Run

5.39 miles/350 vert./48:11/8:56 pace/avg. HR 147  Garmin Data

Parked at 93/128 and headed N. on the trail toward Marshall.  Attempted to run both ways along the ditch, but it was too rocky/bouncy to do anything more than walk, so bailed on that.  Back up the hill to the lot, crossed 93 and headed West under the powerlines for a bit, but simultaneously got sick of that/ran out of time and headed back.  The views are great, but the variable trail surface (soft dirt/sand/rocks or embedded rocks) and numerous gates to negotiate did not make for a good run pushing toddlers.  Oh well, I will not head back there with the jogger, but it was a nice day and worth a shot.

Friday, 03/23/12 Mayhoffer SingleTree/66th Loop Baby Jogger Run

8.24 miles/480 vert./1:08:23/8:18 pace/avg. HR 144  Garmin Data

Parked at the trailhead in Superior and ran the Mayhoffer SingleTree trail over to 66th, headed S., took a short diversion toward Marshall Lake, but as expected, was gated off.  I debated going through, but I was wearing a hunters orange hat, red shirt and there were plenty of threatening signs, so I decided it was a bad idea (as inviting as it looked though to explore).  After the girls had a snack, we then headed down the Koppenburg to W. Coal Creek and back to the trailhead.  Did a quick up/back on the Alpe d Superior, where I bumped into Shad who was out there doing hill intervals (looked painful).  Overall a pretty mellow run on a perfect day.

Love this stretch of trail, running and on a bike

Keep out!!!

Snack time.

Looking down the 17% grade Koppenburg (in very good condition, hopefully it degrades for the race on April 28th to make it interesting)

Looking back up (this is what I rode down/up/down while towing the girls on my bike last weekend)

No better time for a snooze


Bear Peak/Slab

 4th/3rd/2nd/1st Flatirons with Audubon/Notabon in the background

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday, 03/20/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down Back

5.29 miles/2,294 vert./1:09:32 (42:02 up)/avg. HR 138  Garmin Data

Pretty easy run up and down.  Walked the snow/ice section from below the last switchback to the 4-way (and gingerly tip toed it on the down), otherwise the entire trail is mostly dry.  Got spoiled by the warm weather last week and it felt awkward wearing pants and long sleeve shirt again.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday, 03/18/12 The Remainder Of The Week

Wednesday, 03/14/12 Green Mountain (up/down NE ish)

3.12 miles/2,285 vert./55:57(34:36 up)/avg. HR 156  Garmin Data

OK effort on the up, but lost some time slipping and sliding in the soft snow on upper Greenman without spikes, which would have helped, but were hardly worth carrying.  Very easy down the snow, then a little quicker once on the mostly dry NE Ridge.

Thursday, 03/15/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

10 miles/296 vert./1:17:50/7:47 pace/avg HR 147 

Mellow to moderate run to Runners Roost, to Lowes to pick up a few things, then up the steep and loose (feels steep when pushing a double jogger) connector to Davidson Mesa, petted horses and then did an extra outer lap before heading home.

Friday, 03/16/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

5.05 miles/119 vert./40:34/8:02 pace/avg. HR 135

Tour de Playgrounds.  Wanted to go longer, but between Gymboree Class, naps and other things going on, I was lucky to sneak in 5 miles to various playgrounds, which was fine because once I got running, I did not feel like doing much more.

Saturday, 03/17/12  Mountain Bike Ride

~18 miles/1,300 vert.

Loaded the girls into the bike mode Chariot for an adventure ride that included a dark and muddy tunnel under 36, a cemetary, overgrown grassy double track, working our way through a barbed wire fence, cruising nice wide dirt singletrack on the Mayhoffer/Singletree Trail and going down, up, down the Koppenburg hill (~17% where S. 66th meets Coal Creek Dr.).  Then of course more playgrounds.  Super warm day, maybe mid to upper 70s?

Sunday, 03/18/12  Green Mountain

Up A/S/G, Down Bear Canyon

8.19 miles/2,707 vert./1:31:20 (38:21 up)/avg. HR 143  Garmin Data

Fairly mellow run, taking it somewhat easy to not jostle too much, as I stupidly banged up my ribs on a steep and curvy playground slide the previous day.  Even though I have trouble getting in/out of bed, I was surprisingly OK while running rough trails.  Go figure.  It was super windy when I left work and the sky was brown with dust and dirt, but once at the Gregory lot, things had calmed a bit and I even enjoyed a bit of sunshine on the summit and while running down Bear Canyon.  Driving home it looked like the sky was falling, super dark brown sky, like a giant dirt tornado bearing down on the foothills.

OK, the $hit "___" says videos are a little over played, but I thought these were pretty funny (if you are a cyclist).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, 03/13/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

4.63 miles/165 vert./42:54/9:16 pace/avg. HR 118

Very easy run from home with the Allison and the girls.  Very warm, a little windy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, 03/12/12 Green Mountain

Up Front/Down NE

3.77 miles/2,284 vert./1:01:11 (38:12 up)/avg HR 145  Garmin Data

I was feeling lazy, but could not resist getting outside on a 70+ degree day.  Was very sluggish and uncoordinated, mainly a result of 2 consecutive very short nights of restless sleep (a result of the time change, coupled with having to work very early and a few other life stress things going on).  The upper half of the mountain was pretty slick and punchy, even with spikes.  Carefully descended the NE Ridge, but felt like I had two left feet, so I went super easy and careful, as conditions were a mixed bag much of the way.  Even though tired, it was quite rejuvenating to get outside.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday, 03/10/12 Sanitas/Green/Flagstaff

Sanitas Up Dakota Ridge/E. Ridge, Down S. Ridge

3.59 miles/1,326 vert./1:27/avg. HR 97  Garmin Data

Easy late morning hike with the family on a perfect bluebird calm day in the mid 60s.  We went pretty slow and stopped a lot, letting the girls soak up their surroundings and learn new words (the words "hike" and "mountain" were learned today).  Once at the hikers summit, we headed N. toward the real summit to find flatter/softer ground (with no people or dogs) so we could let them walk around and pick up sticks and pine cones.

Green/Flagstaff   Up 1st Arete/Down Ranger/Flagstaff

6 miles/2,844 vert./1:36/avg. HR 144  Garmin Data (stats from where I parked on 6th St.)

After the Sanitas hike, the timing was perfect to meet Homie for a hike/run on Green.  Showed him the always steep and interesting 1st Arete route.  Easily went up without spikes, but they were pretty handy for all of the Ranger Trail on the descent.  Hit up the true summit of Flagstaff and enjoyed nice dry trails all the way back down.  As always, a great time being out with Homie.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday, 03/09/12 Local Baby Jogger Run/Coal Creek

8.64 miles/277 vert./1:12:04/8:20 pace/avg. HR 133

Overall a pretty easy run.  Headed out with the girls toward the Coal Creek Trail to meet Allison who was getting out for a lunch run.  Felt super awesome right off the bat, hardly even realizing I was pushing a jogger and really wanted to hammer, but kept things pretty mellow.

Pace varied with gradient of course, but for a 1+ long stretch of flat paved road, with no wind, I was surprised to see that I was running sub 6:30 pace with my HR hovering in the mid 140s (and not climbing), which for me is pretty decent.  Though I was looking forward to meeting Allison, I felt so great, I just wanted to keep rolling like that for 8-10 and build on it a bit.  Once I met her at mile 2.6, pace varied between 9ish and stopped to let the girls run around in the grass and look at the cows and horses in Superior.

Oh well, it is only March, so no real need for me to hammer yet, but I REALLY wanted to today.  Either way, I am confident that my base is decent for me, for this time of year.

Was planning on an afternoon run over to Davidson Mesa, but the girls napped until 4:15 and by then, it was cooling off a bit and there was a lot to do at the house.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday, 03/08/12 Local Baby Jogger Run/Davidson Mesa

7.52 miles/256 vert./57:44/7:41 pace/avg. HR 143

Generally an easy run with the jogger from home to Harper Lake and Davidson Mesa (the slowest mile being at 8:46 pace (warmup/uphill) and the fastest being at 6:56 where I was kicking it up a notch, but not really getting after it too much).

Of course we stopped to see the geese at the lake and pat the horses next to the trail.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, 03/06/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down NE(ish)

3.24 miles/2,279 vert./57:55 (36:57up)/avg. HR 154  Garmin Data

75 degree day in early March with no wind, I'll take it.  Ran in full summer outfit today, t-shirt and shorts, but added gloves for those times I was on all fours in the snow.  The snow was actually a welcome way to keep things relatively cool on the upper sections, it might have seemed a bit too warm without it.  Also wore my super dull spikes and they performed great in the soft snow (did not have to worry about running on rock).  Days like today can really induce Spring fever, especially with the time change coming up this Sunday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, 03/05/12 Green Mountain

Up 1st Arete/Down NE Ridge

3.16 miles/2,423 vert./1:04:43 (42:17 up)/avg. HR 151  Garmin Data

Great hike/run today, how could it not be when it is 67 degrees?  Even busted out the shorts for the first time in months which felt really great.  The price of the warmth though is really messy snow, making for some poor footing and slow going at times, as there was just really no traction much of the way, even with Microspikes, it was so loose and slushy.  Certainly no crowds on this route, just passed one hiker near the summit and saw a few people near Amphitheater.  Love it.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, 03/04/12 Sanitas x 2

Up/Down S. Ridge

4.76 miles/2,517 vert./1:03:12/avg. HR 162  Garmin Data

Splits:  18:41/12:18/20:04/12:08

I skipped running yesterday, not because I felt as though I needed a day off, but because the wind was just too chaffing and annoying.  If I had the opportunity, I would have gladly gone for a run in the hills, but the prospect of pushing the double Chariot in that stuff was not appealing at all.  I did waffle all day though between gusts, "OK, it seems to be calming, I'll suit up and see what happens".  By the time I could think those thoughts though, the wind would gust again and I would come to my senses and realize that it would be no biggie to skip the run entirely.  I was just not at all into it.

So, with it being 65 today, I had to get outside, wind or no wind.

As I was driving to the Gregory lot after work for a lap on Green, I made a spur of the moment decision to head over to Sanitas, as I was lured by the sunshine, warmth and dry trails that I would find there.

I felt pretty sluggish and my legs had little to no snap, but put in an effort on the high side of moderate with a few surges on the low side of hard on my two ascents and just coasted the downhills for the most part.  I was also a bit over dressed, having planned on going over to Green and really wished that I had that clean pair of shorts I had been carrying around in my bag all Winter (and just removed last week, thinking I would not need them for a while).

It was really cool to run on dry trails and I realized that have almost forgotten how to run technical rocky, log steppy trail.  I also was reminded why I like Green much better, the lack of crowds, especially the Biffs and Buffys out there.  Caught up to one Biff fairly quickly and did the requisite throat clearing combined with a foot scuff or two.  With no reaction, I then said "on your left", nothing.  Noticing that he had ear buds, I figured he was rocking out and had no idea I was there, so I tried to sneak past on his left and ended up bouncing into him no less than 3 times in doing so.

I have no problem with earphones, I use them every once in a while on the trails if I am in the mood (maybe 5% of the time) and always on urban/flat runs, but I keep them turned waaaay down so I can still hear what is going on around me, or just keep one in my ear.  I secretly get a big kick out of scaring the crap out of those who are so self absorbed in their own little world and oblivious to those around them.  I often times cause people to about jump out of their skin (after a fair warning of course), even though efforts to be considerate almost always end up with the same result.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday, 03/02/12 Green Mountain x 2

Up/Down Front

8.32 miles/4,575 vert./3:25 (or so)/avg. HR 112  Garmin Data

Woke up on Friday morning and got an e-mail from Homie who announced that he would be running 10 laps on Green to celebrate his birthday, that is 41 miles and ~24,000 vertical feet of climbing and descending, much of it on a trail that is solid ice.

With Allison's on call work schedule, I was not sure if I would be able to join for any laps, but was hoping for the best, keeping tabs and was at the ready all day, just in case.  Finally was able to get out the door late afternoon and join for laps 9 and 10.  Homie and GZ finished lap 8 a bit after 5pm, where Bill W, Kendrick and I were ready and waiting to join.  I was impressed with Homie's strength and resolve after being out there since 5am and aside from mentioning some blisters and that he had not been eating as well as he should have, did not complain one bit (as I might have been, and even did a bit after just 2 laps).

On the descent from lap 9, as we neared the Saddle/Amphi jct., we spotted some eyes down the hill, very close to where the Amphi trail doubles back.  We stopped and shined our lights and whatever it was, had some wide set eyes, was low to the ground and then got out of there fast and quiet after it closely checked us out.  I was 95% sure it was a lion, but we will never know for sure.  Either way, it definitely heightened our senses and we were a bit charged up and on guard for a bit.

Lap 10, a bit after 7pm and it was just Homie, Kendrick and I for the final push, but Dave called and said that he was on his way and would catch up.  We expected to have him catch us for much of the climb, but finally connected with us on the final switchbacks below the summit.  This, combined with being so close to the top gave Homie a strong surge of adrenaline and he put in a good sprint to put quite the exclamation point on an amazing day.

We took a few pictures on top, exchanged high fives and said our congrats, then Homie was out of there like a rocket.  I could barely keep up with him, as he was just ready to get the descent over with, eat and relax.  Finished at 9:09pm (I think) for what was for him a 16 hour and 8 minute day.  I was quite impressed with his accomplishment (though not at all surprised) and was more than honored to treat him to dinner at Illigal Pete's.  Congrats to Homie and happy 41st!

Dave Mackey, Homie, Kendrick

Dave, Homie and me (holding up a proud two fingers for my skimpy 2 laps).  Note the Microspikes on Dave's feet that Homie loaned him, I think he might be converted.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, got in a easy run with the jogger earlier in the day with the twins.

4.27 miles/220 vert./37:22/8:45 pace/avg. HR 126

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday, 03/01/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

8.19 miles/284 vert./1:04:48/7:55 pace/avg. HR 145

Eager to explore a new route I mapped through Lafayette, I was all dressed and ready to go.  Chariot positioned for easy loading, baby jackets, hats, mittens piled at the ready, sippy cups filled and GPS watch outside acquiring satellites.  I knew I had limited time with snow in the forecast after noon, so I was eager for the girls to awake from their nap so we could get the show on the road.  Amelie awoke at 10:45, so we changed her diaper and get her ready while Isabelle slept through the commotion.  Amelie and I went out for a weather check and I was discouraged to find that it was snowing hard and seemed as though it would only get worse.

We went inside and I begrudgingly changed out of cold running uniform and back into civilian clothes, figuring the day would revolve around playing inside.  Isabelle finally awoke a half hour later and I noticed that it had stopped snowing and things were seeming a little brighter, so I quickly got changed, again, and got everyone loaded and ready to roll.

Open the garage, it is dark and snowing again.  Seriously?  Oh well, the girls were warm and fully enclosed, so it was just me who would get damp.  Once we got rolling, the snow let up, but it was a bit breezy and we passed through the occasional squall, requiring almost constant adjusting of my hat/hood/zippers and fogged sunglasses.

Turned out to be a decent run all things considered and I was glad I got out.  It was even funnier that when I got home and took the dog for a mile walk, it got really nice, warm and sunny.  That is Winter in Colorado I guess.

"Seems fine to me dad, what's the fuss?"

Wednesday, 02/29/12 Green Mountain

Up 1st Arete/Down 1st Saddle

3.02 miles/2,405 vert./1:08:25 (42:58 up)/avg. HR 149  Garmin Data

Had a fun afternoon jaunt up Green with Tony.  He introduced me to a new route variation along the 1st Arete and then along the side of the 1st Flatiron, then connecting with the "normal" 1st saddle route.  Interesting route that was a bit loose, technical and bushwhacky at times, but was a lot of fun, just the type of route I often times enjoy and even prefer.  Variable snow conditions, or lack thereof had me removing/installing the Microspikes very often (somewhat new spikes that I am trying to keep sharp).  Spent some time taking pictures in various spots for Tony's sponsors near the top.  I think I got some good ones.

We also got the girls each a pair of their own Nike running shoes.  Figured I would get a few silly shots of them in contrast to our Hoka shoes.