Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday, 07/02/13 Update and Fellraising

June has been a month of ups/downs (literally and figuratively).  I have managed to get out a fair bit, mainly local stuff, with the exception of a few days in the mountains in Summit County, a bike ride/run up Mt. Evans and a race up Mt. Evans.

I had a terrible day at the Mt. Evans race (3rd year in a row) and pretty much gave up early on, just marched it in for the sake of not quitting entirely and ultimately, I got to a point where the mountaineer in me just wanted my 30th summit of Mt. Evans no matter what it took.

During the race, I was intent on a post race write up, scripting in my head all the negative things I could complain about, but then figured there was nothing to benefit from it and it would just make me look like reveal me as the sore loser that I am a sore loser.  Within a few days though, it became a distant memory that is long in my rear view mirror and I can now hardly remember what I was complaining about in my head.  Though it was tough to stomach on the day, it just does not really matter in the grand scheme of things and it is silly to relate athletic performance to self worth.  Either way, I don't think I will go back for that one again, as I don't really enjoy it or do well there (like algebra, not sure if I don't enjoy it because I don't do well, or if I don't do well because I don't enjoy it, perhaps a bit of both).

Despite the poor race at Mt. Evans, I still feel like my underlying fitness, though definitely not my best is still good enough that I am optimistic that I can improve upon it enough to have a good race at Pikes and I look forward to that journey.

I have also been inundated with test shoes as of late (which always adds a boost of motivation) and one pair has really stood out, the Salomon Fellraiser.

Though billed as an entry level shoe ($110) and admittedly a touch on the heavy side (guessing ~10.5oz), I am quite impressed with the fit, comfort, cushion, protection, but most of all the crazy traction this shoe provides.  I have never had a shoe stick so well on steep, loose terrain and I have found that the extra weight of this particular shoe is well worth the added benefits it provides.  I know that Salomon makes lighter shoes with the same sole (which I would love to try), but wonder if they would provide the confidence inspiring protection this shoe has.  Oh yeah, it has a 6mm drop and really looks sporty as well.

This tread grabs like velcro on the steep loose stuff.  It sticks really good on rock as well, but not quite like a good Sportiva.