2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday, 01/13/11 Green Mountain

Today was Allison's birthday, so with plenty of baby sitting coverage at home, we were able to get out for a leisurely hike in the snow.  Went up/down Gregory/Ranger at a casual pace with several stops along the way, just enjoying the sunshine and most importantly, enjoying the pleasure of not being in a rush to get home.  Sierra of course had a blast in the new(ish) snow.  Met and chatted briefly with a runner named Gavin who said he is a friend of Tony's (but did not catch his last name), very nice guy, hope to run into you again out there some day.


Up:  1:15
Down:  1:00