Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday, 01/07/10 Bear/S. Boulder

48:34 Bear
1:00:59 S. Bo
1:13:02 Bear
1:44:18 Total

Despite the 3.8 and 7.3 degree F noontime temperature readings at the NCAR weather sites, I was enthused to go play in the new snow. I debated bringing Sierra, as I just wanted to get in a zone and not worry about her, but at the last minute decided to let her tag along, as there is nothing she loves more than romping in fresh snow (she was guilting me out majorly as I prepared).

Our start from Cragmoor was a bit slow, as Sierra decided that she wanted to instead wait for/play with a dog that was starting up the trail behind us. I was quickly moving ahead, but she had other plans and wanted to play. I waited and yelled and she finally caught up.

The trail was mostly packed as far as the Mesa Trail and conditions deteriorated beyond with unconsolidated snow and packed ice underneath. Microspikes were a blessing to the saddle, which I reached in a casual 32 minutes. Above the saddle, things got messy and although I would not have wanted to be without traction, I was still slipping and sliding a lot and progress was a bit tedious.

I reached the summit post in 48:34 and boogied around the back side to head over to S. Boulder. There was a somewhat packed track to the saddle, but I was forced to break trail beyond to the summit of S. Boulder Peak which I summited in 1:00:59. I changed into dry gloves and a hat and immidiately cruised back, making the true summit of Bear in 1:13.

I took the descent super casual as to not get hurt, as I was slipping and sliding a lot. From the saddle down, I was able to open things up a bit as conditions improved, then was forced to go slow again once the trail opened up as I was waiting for Sierra (she always "dogs it" on this section for some reason). When we finished, she had a major beardsickle, it was awesome, I'm sure rivaling anything Tony has going on similar days.

Though it was cold, I was dressed just right and stayed warm enough without overheating. The coldest part of the day was running errands afterwards soaked with sweat, I was frozen to the core and it took a long HOT shower to finally thaw.