Saturday, January 12, 2008

A casual jaunt up Green (Secretly wishing I was racing).

Homie and I met today for a casual jaunt up Green Mountain. We met at Chautauqua at 10:30am and had a really nice jog up Gregory/Ranger. The sun was out and shining bright and warm and we discussed his new baby Anya who is just over a week old (congrats to the Homie family!!!). It took us 55:42 up (from the Gregory TH) and a good bit quicker than that to get back down.
It was my idea to take it casual on the way down, as to not pound on my knee, but also because the trail is a skating rink in places today and I was using my shoes with old worn studs that were not hooking up well at all. Ultimately, Sierra determined the pace, as she was dogging it on the downhill for some reason.

I was a bit fired up over the fact that I had just gone to watch my great friend and training partner George Zack run in the Oatmeal 5k in Lafayette. I could tell he was a bit down on his performance, but he did great in my opinion. It is only January after all. Way to go George for getting out there and tearing it up!

I was kind of wishing that I had run too (and I came very close to jumping in at the last minute), but I have to be patient and let this cold fully run it's course. Watching the race just had me amped to get out and go fast, but I am also trying to not do anything too crazy while I am in treatment for my lingering knee problem. Just added fuel to the simmering fire.

My goal is to do everything it takes right now to get this healed COMPLETELY, then I plan on opening it up a bit more. Patience, patience, patience I have to keep reminding myself, there will be plenty of time to go fast as the year progresses.