Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, 9/29/08 Green, Bear, S. Boulder, Bear, Green

~15 miles
~5,700 vertical

Got out for a run up Green today up past the 1st (again). At the back of the First, I was on PR pace, then a minute or two later I breathed in a bug which caused major coughing fits and cost me 3 minutes by the time I got to the NE ridge. I recovered and made up a minute and got to the summit in 38:28, scrambled up the rocks and back, then decided the morning was too nice, so I continued on to Bear. Got to the base of W. Ridge in 47:58, top of Bear at 1:13, then figured since S. Boulder was so close, why not? Got there at 1:23, back to true summit of Bear at 1:33, Green at 2:11 (yeah, I was starting to dog it), then took NE ridge route down back to Chautauqua, arriving there at 2:39:22. I felt great until I started the trip from Bear to Green. As I became increasingly tired, my coordination suffered a bit, and I started to cramp, as I brought no food or water. Still was a great run for a Monday.

Saturday, 9/27/08 LCW Peak Dash

~18 miles
~7,000 vertical

"Peak Y" (12274')
"Zephyr Peak" (12067')
"Peak Z" (12244')
Payne Benchmark (11780')
"No Payne" (11789')
Shawnee Peak (11927')
"X Prime" (12100')
"Peak X" (12429')

Participants: Jeff & Allison Valliere & Sierra, Dave Hale & Shep, John Kirk, Dwight Sunwall, Keith Bershader, Patrick Lilly, Jill Salva, Bob Dawson, Ryan Kowalski, Greg Hakes, Jeremy Hakes, Derrill Rodgers, and Kevin Baker

Got out with a great group of friends on Saturday for a jaunt in the Lost Creek Wilderness, starting from the Long Gulch TH, about 10 miles South of Jefferson near Kenosha Pass. Aside from hunkering down near treeline prior to our last two peaks due to a bit of lightning and graupel, we had great weather. Most of this was a bushwhack/tundra walk, but we did get a few miles of trail at the beginning and end which was nice. This was a very cohesive group in many ways and we really had a great time.