Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, 01/30/11 Green Mountain

Met up with Bill at the Gregory lot at 4pm. Went up/down Gregory/Ranger at a super casual pace, just chatting and catching up. The ice on the upper section of trail is getting pretty solid and my (dull) screw shoes were marginal on the descent. Bill had some SWEET Sportiva shoes with hobnails that really hook up. Might have to bite the bullet and try the hobnails (although I JUST bought 4 boxes of screws at McGuckins over the weekend).

49 up (136 avg. HR)
31 down (123 avg. HR)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturday, 01/29/11 Green Mountain

To celebrate the girls 4 month birthday, Isabelle won the coin toss and got to join me for her first trip up Green Mountain.  Started a little after 10am and bumped into Tony at the Gregory lot and chatted with him for a bit.  Headed up the mostly dry Gregory Canyon, threw on the spikes at the top, as I knew from my run the previous day with Dave that it would be snow/ice most of the way to the summit (not easy to install the Microspikes with a baby on the front).  It was not nearly as warm as the previous day where the temp approached 70 degrees, but it was still very pleasant, maybe low to mid 50s (very calm and warmish feeling though) and I quickly felt like we were over dressed.

We made good progress despite the snow/ice/added weight and were soon on the summit.  I carefully negotiated the summit boulder, where Isabelle awoke just in time to check out the spectacular views of the Indian Peaks/Continental Divide and pointed out to her some of the different peaks that she and her sister will be climbing before long.

Isabelle slept most of the trip up, but was awake for a good part of the descent, so I continued to point out things along the way like rocks, trees, snow, doggys, etc... and just sang and talked quite a bit which she seemed to enjoy.  Back in Gregory Canyon, we ran into Dave and Travis and chatted with them for a few minutes.

It was great to introduce Isabelle to Green Mountain and a few of my friends along the way.  I had an awesome time with her and I know she enjoyed it too, as she either napped quietly, or stared wide eyed with her big blue eyes taking in her big new World.  When I put her in her car seat back at the van, I expected her to fuss, but instead, she just gave me a big smile and was content for the rest of the day.


53:41 up (158 avg HR)
48:42 down (105 avg HR)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, 01/28/11 Filming for Dateline on Green Mountain

I woke up this morning and had an e-mail in my inbox from Aron, asking if I were interested in possibly making a cameo appearance as his real life running partner for a Dateline NBC/Tom Brokaw special to air in February.  I was of course eager to get out on such a nice day and at the very least, spectate and socialize.

Arrived at the Gregory TH around 11:20am and soon two big rental Yukon XLs pull in packed with camera gear, Aron, the producer, film guy and sound guy.  They got us mic'd up and we soon started up Gregory Canyon for some sunshine and dry trail.  They set up in several spots and had Aron and I run back and forth, having us just chat casually and act "normal" while they filmed. 

We went as far as the first steep rocky section, where they then filmed Aron run back and forth a few times.  Nothing too crazy exciting, but it was fun to see a $92,000 camera in action, fun to catch up with Aron and meet the film crew, but of course most fun to soak up the sun on a ~70 degree January day, where it was almost hot in the sun wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

As we were wrapping up, I got a call from Dave, who was on his way to the TH, so I joined him for a lap up/down Gregory/Ranger.  Dave is really fit right now (when is he not?) and I was sucking wind trying to keep up and maintain some exhaly conversation.  Eventually on the NW ridge below the flat spot, I cut the virtual tether and told him to keep on going, as I needed to walk a bit (I was defininitely pushing my achilles a bit beyond recovery pace).  We met on the summit and then cruised back down together, taking it easy on the slush and ice.

Conditions update:

The trail is mostly melted through Gregory, but there is still a fair amount of well packed snow/ice above.  Fortunately, it was warm and slushy enough that we were able to get by without traction (sketchy at times though on the down, studded shoe or spikes would be good from the cabin to the 4-way).  If it were colder, the upper section would become a bobsled run.

An awesome day to be out with great friends.


Up: 40:47 (166 avg HR)
Down:  28:29 (139 avg HR)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, 01/27/11 Sanitas

We had our first hike today as a family up Mt. Sanitas on a fine 55+ degree day.  Took it really easy up and down and had a great time.



Allison and Amelie

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday, 01/26/11 Tour de Longmont (again)

Ran Mondays loop again nearly step for step, though I was able to find a bit more grass and dirt this time. I pushed a little harder than I did on Monday since I was solo and not trying to chat and also needed to get back quickly. Chased a guy on a bike for several miles who dangled just out reach while simultaneously catching another runner. I passed the runner solidly and never looked back. Caught the guy on the bike by the fairgrounds just as he went right and I had to go left. I figured the dude had to be at least 70, but was surprised to learn that he was probably 10 years younger than me and was surprised to have caught him. I started the run off pretty strong, lagged a bit in the middle (until I caught sight of the biker and the other runner) and then finished very strong, feeling like I could have maintained the pace much further. Pacing I think is my biggest weakness when it comes to running these flat miles. Though not a mountain, it was a satisfying workout none the less.

Avg. HR 167
Max 191

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, 01/24/11 Tour de Longmont

Brandon met me at work for a lunch break foot tour of his home city.  Crossed Diagonal, S. on 95th to creek path, then NE through little Japan, under 287, lapped around the Best Buy/ChikAFil plaza, then West along another creek to the fairgrounds and back S. along Hover, crossed a bunch of parking lots diagonally ending up back at work.

Pace was moderate (for me) and these runs always remind me that I am just a reasonably quick mountain climber and not really a true runner.  Running flats always feels un-natural and forced and I have to dig within to find motivation to move forward, much less push (where on/in the mountains, I can hardly contain that motivation and enthusiasm).  To help compensate, I tried my best to run on dirt, grass, mud and snow whenever possible.

It was great to get out on a fine day though (I quickly realized I was over dressed after teasing Brandon for wearing shorts) and was good to catch up with Brandon, as it seems like it has been a while since our schedules have lined up.

We went a touch over 8 miles in exactly an hour.  Avg HR 151.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, 01/23/11 Sanitas x 2

After hiking Sanitas on Friday and Saturday with Amelie and Isabelle, it gave me a renewed sense of interest, mainly because of the relatively dry trails and the lure of a little bit of sunshine after work.

Headed over for a lap up/down the S. Ridge and resolved to just take it super easy no matter what. I was proud to stick to my plan and kept the effort much lower even than when I hiked with the girls the previous two days, keeping my HR low and making it a point to not over extend my nicely healing Achilles. I just jogged the flatter to less steep sections and hiked the steeper stuff making short steps. Went really easy on the descent as well, but really felt good and wanted to open it up (again, I resisted). Once back down at the shelter, I realized that the run was just too fun and a little too short, so I headed up the valley, then the (much snowier) East side ascent and back down the S. Ridge, again, super easy. I really wanted to get in a 3rd lap, but figured I should probably get home.

Lap 1 (up/dn S.)

21:18 up (156 avg HR)

14:58 dn (127 avg HR)

Lap 2 (up Valley/East, dn S.)

25:46 up (157 avg HR)

15:02 dn (131 avg HR)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, 01/22/11 Amelie's First Mountain, Mt. Sanitas

Not to be out done by her younger sister, Amelie finally got her chance for a trip up Sanitas today. We had an excellent time and like her sister, made for an excellent hiking companion.

We left the house a bit before 10am and stopped by Little Mountain kids gear shop and checked out some baby sunglasses, but found they were a bit pricey (especially x 2), so we decided to shop around a bit before we commit. We briefly contemplated Green Mountain, but the wind was worse today than yesterday and also a bit cooler, so the decision to head to Sanitas was a no brainer (3 miles/1,300 vertical with a summit of 6863ft. vs. 5-6 miles/2,400 vertical with a summit of 8144ft. with a lot more snow and exposure to wind).

Homie kindly decided to join us for our semi-casual hike which made for great company. I pushed a little harder than yesterday, but Homie and I were so busy chatting, I was struggling at times to catch my breath and maintain conversation and even bonked a bit toward the summit (I was glad to have packed a GU Roctane along with the Neosure formula). We spent a few moments on the summit, until a quick snow squall moved in and then headed back down at a careful pace.

Even though it was a bit cool and breezy, Amelie did great with very minimal fussing. I just wish I could get them both out there at the same time.

Afterwards, we headed over to the hospital to visit with Mom and the nurses and had some lunch while there. Afterwards, we headed over to Homie’s house to visit with Anya and Mia who have been anxious to see babies (again). All in all a very busy, yet successful day for Amelie. Hopefully this tires her out.


25:?? up
26:?? down

Relaxing on the summit

Heading down

Homie and Amelie back at the lot

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, 01/21/11 Sanitas, Isabelle's First Mountain (as told by Isabelle)

Today, Isabelle and I went for our first hike together up Mt. Sanitas. She was itching to tell the story, so here is her perspective (as translated to me on the drive home).

"All morning I could tell that Dad was getting ready to go somewhere and it included either Amelie or myself, as there was only one warm snowsuit and one car seat sitting out. He was talking about hiking up Green Mountain, but I had no idea what that meant, but it sure sounded like more fun than sitting around the house trying to nap. It soon became clear that he was leaning toward taking my big sister, Amelie, but I was on my best behaviour and made my strongest effort to drink as much of my milk as I could in hopes of getting picked. Alas, I was able to score a few more points than Amelie and we were soon speeding (it felt fast, but dad obeyed all traffic laws) toward Boulder in the cush Odyssey. I was able to fall asleep with no fussing whatsoever and the trip went by in a flash. At the Gregory Trailhead (like my uncle Gregory) for Green Mountain, I could tell that it was cold and windy as soon as Dad opened the door. Fortunately, he decided that this might be too much for my first mountain and we drove for 10 or so minutes to the Sanitas Trailhead a few miles to the North.

Once at Sanitas, the sun was shining and it was reasonably warm, but still a little breezy. At first, I did not know what to make of sitting in the Baby Bjorn front carrier, zipped under Dad's jacket and let out a loud and shrill scream that had Dad concerned. He quickly put me at ease and along with Sierra in tow, we began our hike.

Up the trail we went, through the mud, across the snow, ice and rocks. Boy is this trail steep! Sierra made it look so easy as she ran all over the place, sniff sniff sniff..... Dad was going quick, but also very careful and stopped a few times to peek at me and make sure I was OK. We got to the top in 27 minutes and spent just a moment checking out the views, but it was windy and chilly and I let Dad know that I was ready to keep moving. Maybe on a better day we will spend more time here.

On the way down, he went super easy and was very careful not to slip on various patches of ice and snow along the trail. His studded shoes helped quite a bit. We stopped half way down so two nice ladies, who happened to be Moms and photographers, used Dad's camera to take a few pictures of us. Later, we saw another baby named Lily on her way up with her Mom and Dad, so we stopped to chat for a bit. Hopefully I will see her next time.

Once we made it back down (32 minutes), I begged Dad to head over to the hospital to visit Mom at work to tell her all about my day and what a good girl I was. I slept for most of the ride there and back and was awake for most of the hike. As a bonus, I got to visit with some of the nurses that were so good to me, Mom and Amelie during our long stay when we were born. They are the best!

I hear some talk around the house tonight about Dad taking Amelie for her turn tomorrow if the weather is good, which is fine, because I am tuckered out and have a lot of napping to catch up on. Below are a few pictures from the day, enjoy! Love Isabelle."

Ready to hike, mittens and all (ok, they are socks really, but they worked great)

The trail goes way up there, but that is just the start!

Dad and I on the summit looking down on Boulder

If it were clear and there were no trees, you could see the Indian Peaks. Dad says we will go up there someday!

"Time to go Dad, it is cold and windy up here!"

What a great day!

You can see Green Mountain in the background, maybe next time.

Some snow and ice on the trail

My doggy Sierra waiting patiently for us. She was very concerned with how I was doing on this hike and very well behaved.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, 01/20/11 Harper Lake/Davidson Mesa

Ran from the house over to Jeremy's office to get some heel risers to help with my achilles issue I have been dealing with since last April (in addition to backing off the hill running for a bit and wearing a night splint).  From Jeremy's office, ran S. Bldr Rd. West, to Via Appia, then over to Harper Lake, a loop around Davidson Mesa and then back.  Went a slow and easyish "rehab pace", not to mention the poor footing on the snow and ice kept things mellow.  Maintained an average HR of 146 and the achilles felt good, not at all taxed.  I actually somewhat enjoyed this run, but I think that was in part due to the fresh snow and the good podcasts on the mp3 player.

~8 miles
1:04 (or 64 as GZ would say)
~320 vertical

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday, 01/15/11 S. Boulder and Bear

Met up with Homie at S. Mesa TH, up Towhee to Shadow, SoBo, Bear and back.  We jogged the Towhee Trail at a casual pace, then hiked the remainder of the ascent, slowing for a bit as we bumped into Rex and Caroline a little ways below the saddle and chatted with them.  There is quite a bit of ice on the trail, descent conditions for Microspikes (or studded shoes at the very least).


Did not get any, but 2:06 RT.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday, 01/13/11 Green Mountain

Today was Allison's birthday, so with plenty of baby sitting coverage at home, we were able to get out for a leisurely hike in the snow.  Went up/down Gregory/Ranger at a casual pace with several stops along the way, just enjoying the sunshine and most importantly, enjoying the pleasure of not being in a rush to get home.  Sierra of course had a blast in the new(ish) snow.  Met and chatted briefly with a runner named Gavin who said he is a friend of Tony's (but did not catch his last name), very nice guy, hope to run into you again out there some day.


Up:  1:15
Down:  1:00

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, 01/10/11 Green Mountain

Up front/down back.  Was supposed to meet J.P. at 4:15pm, but ended up having to bail.  At the last minute though, I got the nod that I could indeed go, so I hurried in hopes of catching up to and surprising J.P. who I thought was ahead of me (I started around 4:20pm).  I was moving cautious, trying to not twist an ankle in the foot + deep fluff, as it was hard to predict what I was really stepping on.  I was mostly limited by footing, which in turn kept the physical effort relatively low.  Once past the Saddle/Greenman jct., there were fewer tracks, down to 2 or 3 from 3 or 4. 

I soon noticed that a big dog (or what initially looked like big dog prints) had walked on the footprints of those ahead of me.  The tracks seemed to appear from nowhere, as I had not seen them until after the junction (Mountain Lion maybe?).  On the summit, I swapped into a dry wool hat, added a windbreaker and got the lights up and running for the descent.  It was obvious that the back had more traffic and has a smoother base, so I opted to head down that way to keep ankle twisting to a minimum.  I moved quick at times, but mostly cautious.  Bumped into Tony, Scott and Joe at the Greenman/Ranger junction and chatted with them for a few minutes.  I only ate it once heading down, luckily in a very soft section of deep snow, but had many near misses.

Never did see J.P., but saw his car when I finished.  Sorry I missed you.


Top of Amphi:  8:30
Greenman/Saddle:  28
Summit:  50

Descent:  29

1:19 RT

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saturday, 01/08/11 Bear/S. Boulder/Green

I was feeling a strong urge to do something different and being granted a little extra time, I figured I would make the most of it and re-visit a few long lost pals.  Started from Cragmoor around 1pm, headed up Shanahan, Fern, out/back to SoBo, W. Ridge, Green/Bear, Ranger, Bear Canyon, Mesa, Shanahan back to Cragmoor. 

Started off at a casual jog to the start of Fern, then hiked to the summit of Bear.  I had intended to just go over to tag SoBo, but I was enjoying being outside so much, I could not help myself but to cruise W. Ridge over to Green for kicks.  I kept the pace mellow for the whole run, just cruising and taking in my surroundings and loving the day. 

Trail conditions were perfect for studded shoes and I was sorry that I packed Microspikes in my PFD.  There was still plenty of snow, but it was well consolidated and there were plenty of dry and rocky stretches of trail as well, so using spikes would mean wasting a lot of time with on/off, or killing them on rock.  Unless we start getting some serious snow, it is time to embrace the screw shoes again.

Splits (including ~1 minute on each summit)

Bear:  :47-48
SoBo:  :59-1:00
Bear Again: 1:09
Bear Canyon:  1:29
Green:  1:46-47
Mesa:  2:15
Finish at Cragmoor:  2:28

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday, 01/07/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down Greg/Ranger (moderate pace on the up/casual and cautious on the down).  Gregory Canyon has a lot of dry sections where wearing traction would just totally suck, but there are some critical icy/snowy sections where it just sucks without traction.  What to do?  Both up and down, I opted to tip toe carefully without my Microspikes through Gregory and it was particularly slow and tedious in a few spots and even slow on the dry sections of rock, as the soles of my shoes were always wet/sandy adding to my slow and cautious pace.  From the top of Gregory up though, coverage is much better and well packed.  We need a few good significant snowfalls, or a few 80 degree days.  Otherwise, I may just opt for the front side the next bunch of trips.

Oh, I found a headlamp on the upper section of Ranger below the switchbacks and set it on the sign board at the Gregory TH.  Figured there might be a good chance it belongs one of my fellow blog pals, or the two guys with their dog I had passed on the ridge on the way up and down (don't recall seeing it on the up, but found it on the down, though did not have time to run back up to see if it belonged to them).


Cabin:  16:45
Greenman/Ranger:  20:30
4-way:  35:25
Summit:  38:40

Descent:  24:41

RT 1:03:21

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday, 01/06/11 Green Mountain

Feeling as though I am falling behind all of my fellow blog buddies (and really needing to get out for some fresh air), I was eager to get up Green Mountain, especially with the temp at the house reading in the 50's (though not really quite that warm). 

With limited time as usual, I decided to round trip the front side.  I gave Brandon a call after seeing his H2 at Chautauqua and he happened to be sitting on the summit, so I told him to look for me coming up the front.  Started off at a mellow jog, debating whether or not the Microspikes were overkill or not, as there was some reasonable packed snow and lots of rocks and dirt showing through.  Bumped into Brandon 14 minutes in, just above the 1st Flatiron jct. and chatted with him for a few minutes and then continued on our respective paths.  Around the time I bumped into Brandon and above, the wind really started to kick up.  Nothing too crazy, but enough to be a bit of a hindrance and chill things off a bit.  The footing was decent overall, but a bit loose in spots and I was not feeling particularly springy, so I just plugged along at a pretty moderate and somewhat relaxed pace.

Spent only long enough on the summit to pull up my hood and zip up my shirt zipper and I was off.  The descent was a mixed bag, really fast where the snow was packed in some spots, but slower where it was loose and or off camber and extra care had to be taken through the rocky sections.  Another great morning to be out on Green.


Top of Amphi:  6:52
1st jct.:  13:4?
Greenman jct.:  20:50
Summit:  37:20

Down:  20:34

RT:  57:54

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, 01/03/11 Green Mountain

Went up/down Gregory/Ranger after work.  Left the headlamp behind as I planned to move quickly and gave me added incentive to not dilly dally.  Conditions were about the same as the previous day, just more ice on the lower sections where the slush from the day had frozen and there was still plenty of slip slidy snow on about 50% of the trail.  Where it was packed, I was moving quick and efficiently, but floundered a bit in the loose stuff.  The effort overall was on the high side of moderate, but some sections were easier and others I pushed a little harder.  Same story on the down, some areas required more caution, but other sections were great for really going fast.  Overall a decent run considering the conditions.


Cabin:  16:49
Ranger/Greenman jct.:  20:50
Flat spot on NW ridge:  25:52
4-Way:  35:52
Summit:  39:28

Descent:  22:34

RT:  1:02:02

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday, 01/02/11 Green Mountain

Met up with GZ after work to join him on his second lap on Green.  Headed up Gregory/Ranger at a very easy pace, chatting all the while and enjoying the snow.  Spent a few minutes on the summit and descended the front side with a good bit of slipping and sliding in the piffy wind drifted snow and finished just barely needing our lights (helpful but not entirely necessary).  Gregory/Ranger seems to be the better route to take right now, as it is packed down and consolidated a little more.  It was great to catch up with George and a great way to start my 2011 running season.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Summary and Stats

2010 was an amazing and fulfilling year in many ways. Welcoming twin daughters into the world on Sept. 29th was by far the highlight, but I also had a great year of running and hiking adventures that would really be impossible to sum up in a reasonable amount of time.

By far, my running adventure highlight of the year was my April trip to run the Grand Canyon RRR with George and Homie. Not only was I elated to eclipse my previous PR, a PR that I was already very proud of, I was able to do it under tougher conditions to boot. Aside from the enjoyment of running such an amazing route and executing well, this was one of those all time memorable trips with great friends that just could not have been more fun. I consider George and Homie to be two of my closest friends and two of the easiest going, nicest, laid back, intelligent and fun loving guys on the planet. The mood, humor, support, enthusiasm, camaraderie, sense of adventure and conversation could not be surpassed. Also, meeting up with a diverse group of friends (Gerry and Jennifer Roach, Wayne Herrick, Hoot Gibson, Pete K, Emily Hale, Bob Dawson and Sharon, Bill, Sue and several other 14erworld members) at the canyon for this annual RRR hike/run really added to the enjoyment, whether it was hanging with them at the campground, hiking/climbing the day before, having dinner/breakfast together and especially exchanging encouragement on the trail. It really added to my enjoyment and motivation during the RRR, knowing that even though I was running solo, I was not alone in my endeavor.

Other running/hiking highlights and memorable moments include (in no particular order)

  • Setting a PR on Grays/Torreys from I-70
  • Several PRs on Green
  • A fast run on La Plata with Sierra, followed by an awesome run with her on Columbia and Harvard the following day.
  • Training on Mt. Evans with Tony and Brandon.
  • Training trips to Pikes with Nate and Tony.
  • Zion trip, hiking with Allison, running with Homie, especially Angels Landing.
  • James Peak in Winter with Allison and Sierra
  • Antero in Winter with Homie, Sierra and the Hales
  • PR up SuperFlag (on the road)
  • RT PR on Bear/SoBo
  • Taking my sister Darcie up Grays/Torreys for her first 14er(s).
  • Missouri/Belford/Oxford with Homie
  • Quandary RT PR
  • Shrine Pass wildflower hike with Allison, Sierra and Jack
  • Longs Peak PR with Dan M
  • Lackawanna hike with the Hales
  • Basic Boulder
  • Bolder Boulder
Aside from my own personal achievements and adventures, 2010 was very satisfying to see friends aim high, work hard and achieve their goals. GZ’s performance at Pikes immediately comes to mind, Brandon’s sub 3 at Boston, Homie’s awesome run at HR100, Justin’s sub 2:30 at London, Tony’s amazing run at Western States (even though he did not win, it was an awesome run and was fun to cheer him on).

Spending quality trail time with friends and family, new and old, frequently or not added greatly to my enjoyment and satisfaction while running and hiking in 2010. Without the following people (and canines) along for the ride, 2010 would not have been complete: Allison, Sierra, Homie, George Z, Brandon F, Tony K, Dave M, Dave/Emily/Shep/Kiefer H, Aron R, Nate B, Tim L, Gerry R, Rick C, Jack O, Dan M, Darcie V, my Mum to name a few (sorry if I missed anyone, it is hard to list everyone in a reasonable amount of time).

Though the year was incredibly positive overall, I would be fibbing to say there were not any lowlights. The following are listed pretty much in order.

  • Seeing Sierra’s hiking/running ability decline significantly, almost overnight in early October. Her companionship on the trails and on the summits can’t be matched or replaced and means more to me than I can put into words. She can still get out some, but just not as much and it just seems a bit too soon, certainly sooner than I would have anticipated. This has saddened me greatly.
  • Not having Allison to hike with as much as normal and missing out on many high altitude adventures together and with good friends, such as the Hales, Praters and others (but this one was balanced by the fact that it was all for a good cause).
  • Yet another crappy race at Pikes Peak certainly figures prominently in the lowlights column. This seems to now be a given, a monkey on my back/self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. I struggle with this, as I know that I am capable of doing better, but I never seem to be able to prove it to myself there. I know a good result at Pikes Peak does not necessarily define me as a mountain runner, nor does it diminish the experiences along the way or the journey to the finish line, but it would just be nice to achieve a nice result there, just for myself. Potential means nothing unless it is fulfilled. The upside, though is that each year this happens, I get more used to it and thus a bit more accepting of it. Maybe next year I will try the Marathon, or skip Pikes altogether and focus on something else, or focus on nothing else.
  • A disappointing race at Mt. Evans, but whatever. I was suffering from my bruised sternum more than I cared to admit at the time and was the start of a mid-summer slump in performance.
  • Falling and bruising my sternum in June. Such an unlikely and stupid accident, how the hell does one fall onto their knee and bruise a sternum? I am still stumped over it.
The Numbers

Considering a slow start to the year (precautionary time off) and expecting/having twins, I felt my stats for 2010 were decent (though minuscule compared to Tony and a few other friends).

(note: my stats are not measured accurately with a GPS or Altimeter and are my best estimates tallied day by day/month by month in an Excel spreadsheet).

Vertical: ~700,377 (certainly much more than that if you consider all the trips up/down the stairs I take with the baby monitor ;)).

1,919 vertical per day average
13,469 vertical per week average
58,365 vertical per month average
132.6 vertical miles
24.12 Mt. Everests from Sea Level
89.6 Pikes from Manitou

Miles: 1807

250 days (+7 days of biking)
Total summits: 275
Green Mountain summits: 169
Bear Peak: 30
S. Boulder Peak: 21
Sanitas: 13
14er ascents: 27
13ers: 3
12ers: 1
11ers: 1

Month              Distance           Vertical

January                53                 22,800
February            143.2              52,120
March                212                 80,350
April                  190.8               54,600 
May                   207.2              74,817
June                   155.4              68,815
July                    182                 78,430
August               146.2              62,245
September         127                 52,100
October             123                 45,000
November          137                55,400
December          130.5             53,700