Friday, January 25, 2008


3 miles/1,300 vertical
15ish down

Had a nice run on Sanitas this evening. Now that the days are getting a bit longer, I can sneak in a quick run after work which I am really happy about. I arrive at the TH just as the sun hides behind the ridge. I get out of the car and the wind is howling and it seems as though I have missed the boat. Oh well, it sure beats a dark start and 30 or 40 degree colder temps. I start off at a casually quick pace, trying to work on form and practice what my knee doctor has been preaching. Seems fine, but still too early to tell. I think it will be a while until I get it all dialed, but I feel as though I am on track. About half way up, I close in on somebody running ahead of me. He looks like he knows how to run, and as I pass, I recognize him as none other than Paul Pomeroy of 24hrs Sanitas fame, something like 40 laps or something crazy like that. I nod a hi as I pass and wonder if I will regret it, as I am not at all desiring to do battle. I keep up my tempo, and fortunately he opts to not play games. Knowing myself well, I would play the game too and I have no business doing that right now. I was somewhat pleased to see 19:05 considering the lack of committment and major winds. On the way down, I stop and talk to Paul (still on his way up) and I have to remind him that we have met a few times, but I know how it goes when you have only briefly met someone way in the past. After a pleasant several minute exchange, we continue now on our opposite ways. He passes me on the descent about where I passed him on the ascent (I stopped to pee and was taking it easy). He was cruising and I jumped on briefly, then decided it would be best to back off. I kept him in sight most of the remainder of the descent. It is nice to get out again, training has been very sporadic, really only 2 or 3 hikes per week.