Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, 8/16/09 SuperFlag

28 miles

Headed out after work on the road bike for a quick trip up SuperFlag.

Felt better than I have, especially the foot and was eager to see how it felt in climbing mode. Much to my surprise, it felt very good, almost imperceptable. My limiting factor tonight was simple lack of fitness or specific training. Made it to the turn in 17 from the bridge, then 32:56 to the top. Far from impressive, but a little better than I anticipated, so I was happy with that. 1:03 from the house to the top, then 35 back.

Oh, this blog is back to it's original name, UpHill Adventures it is from now on!

Saturday, 8/15/09 Leadville 100

My sister Darcie flew out from Virginia to visit with me, motivated by the opportunity to see Lance race again in the Leadville 100, as she is a huge fan, stemming back from her childhood when she would come to my races and swoon over Lance. She was not disappointed, as she got to see him up close 7 times, before, during and after the race.

Getting around the course to view the race was a breeze, since Kevin knew the course well as he had been to the LT100 before to participate, crew and spectate numerous times. Although there were large crowds, it never felt crowded and we never got stuck in traffic nor were we ever slowed down.

The highlight for me was watching Lance ascend the long and steep centerpiece climb called "Powerline". We were getting updates that he was leading by a large margin and anticipation of his arrival was great amongst the crowd. I watched from about half way up the climb and the crowd was going nuts as he rounded the corner, followed by a dirtbike (camera crew) and a large group of crazed spectators following close behind and along side.

As he passed, I was snapping a bunch of pictures and before I knew it, broken foot be damned, I was now part of the scrum running up the hill, camera in hand high above my head taking pictures in rapid fire mode. Before I knew it, most of the fans had peeled off and it was just me running behind. I tryed to pass on the right to get some better shots, but this happened just as the gradient was relenting and he was starting to crank up the tempo. Being careful of my foot, I backed off, content with over 100 pictures in just a few minutes. After watching the race, I am half tempted to get back into biking shape next year and give it a go.... food for thought.

My sister Darcie in a crazed dash for Lance.

Another highlight of the day was meeting and hanging out with the one and only Anton Krupicka before the race, then running into him again later in the day on Powerline. Though not surprised, I was impressed by what a likable, down to earth person he is. Hopefully we get to do some running together when I am back on my feet.

More pictures:

Friday 8/14/09 Lake Isabel

~5 miles/400 vertical

First time out on a trail in a while. Allison and I took my sister Darcie up to Brainard, then hiked up to Lake Isabel. I used some light hikers with a carbon shim in my left shoe and went super slow and easy. I used poles for support which helped tremendously to keep the weight off of my bad foot. It was great to get up high, take in the wildflowers and soak in the mountain air. My sister had never really been on such a hike and was very impressed, hopefully it inspired her to come out more often and hike with us.