Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, 06/30/10 Green Mountain

Started at 5:19am with Sierra.  Went up the front side, somewhat easy for the first half, then moderate with a few minutes of not so fast hard toward the end(trying to go fast, but was feeling sluggish).  Was surprised to bump into two other runners on the summit, Zack and Aaron from Westminster, plus a hiker enjoying the views to the East.

Headed back down the front side, felt a little better and more sure footed while descending.  Waited a bunch on Sierra today, but was glad to get her out (more difficult now that work has decided to ban dogs from work since they are a "liability" and "unprofessional"). 

Every day now, as I walk in/out of work, passing the smokers on the side of the building huffing away, I can't help but to recite the recent e-mail announcing the banning of pets from the workplace with my own slant, replacing "animals" or "pets" with "smokers".

"While adoption of this new policy may be disappointing to some, the policy is being put in place in recognition of the need to respect our employees and visitors that may have allergies to animals, may be uncomfortable around animals or may find the presence of animals in the workplace to be a distraction. Given our increasing focus on security, the increased customer and VIP visits to our facilities, and the continued growth of our workforce, the presence of pets has become increasingly inconsistent with our commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our employees and visitors."

Gotta chuckle at that one.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Up in 37:50 (avg HR 155/max 178)
Down in 23:45 (avg HR 135/max 172 (not sure how I hit 172 on the down?))