Thursday, April 3, 2008

Green Mountain

7miles/2,500 vertical
50minutes up, 32 down

I waffled all day on whether or not I would get out. This morning it was raining, then sunny and warm, then driving hail and snow, then wind and cold. I convinced myself one way, then the other all day, minute to minute, whether or not I was going to get out or not. I ultimately decided not and told George he was on his own.

While walking to the car, I saw a hint of sun to the West and figured what the heck. I called George and conveniently, he was on his way to go up Green.

We took it quite easy going up Amphi, Saddle, Greenman, I had 43 minutes up from the Gregory TH at 148bpm. I walked over half of it and we just talked about everything under the sun and had some good laughs. There was fresh snow on top of old snow much of the way, but it was quite grippy.

Came down Ranger/Gregory in 32 back to Chautauqua.