Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, 06/17/11 Boulder Creek Path

10.01 miles/538 vertical/1:13:28/7:20 pace Garmin Data

Headed to Boulder today with the girls for a run up the Boulder Creek path, starting from Scott Carpenter Park and ran up canyon to the point where the path came to an end.  Was feeling decent today, totally enjoying the run even though it was not on technical singletrack over mountains.  I actually have come to completely enjoy these runs with the girls in the jogger.  I enjoy their company and sharing the outdoor experiences with them, not to mention it is an awesome workout pushing a 65-70lb (and gaining) jogger, especially uphill with a headwind as was the case today.  Got going at a decent clip coming back down, clocking a 5:54 mile as I chased, passed and then distanced myself from a fast looking runner (the shocked look on his face when I passed him, pushing a double baby jogger and wearing a goofy sun hat bigger than Brownie's was priceless).  Effort today was on the high side of moderate overall (hard at times, mostly on the down and easy toward the end as I cooled down and tacked on another .6 for an even 10 miles).

Wednesday, 06/15/11 Golden Bear Peak

Golden Bear Peak, 13,010 ft.
4.35 miles/2,012 vert./3:39 Garmin Data
Partners:  Allison and Sierra

Parked on the West side of Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnel and started a bit before 8am.  As suspected, there is still a lot of snow in the basin, but made for easy Microspike cruising when frozen.  We headed directly up the partially melted steep hillside to the ridge just S. of the true summit of Golden Bear.  The true summit was just a short and easy walk from there.  Our plan was to head over to Hagar and the Citadel, but unfortunatly that was not in the cards today.  We just took our time, enjoying the clear (but a touch windy and cool) morning.  Headed to Silverthorne for some to go lunch, picknicked in Keystone by the river and then drove home over Loveland Pass and walked around up there for a bit.

Allison and Sierra starting off.  Allison's first peak in ~18 months

Looking down at the tunnel

Can you spot the 3 skiers?

(OK, tilted, just a little.... ;))

Loveland, Loveland Pass, Torreys, Grays

Golden Bear, Hagar (mostly hidden), Citadel

Hagar, Citadel

Looking down toward the tunnel on our way back

Sierra TEARING back across the valley after investigating some distant chirps

Sierra above Loveland Pass

A Basin


Sierra LOVES cooling off in the snow

Slow start to the wildflower season with all the snow, but I found a few

Tuesday, 06/1411 Green Mountain

Up/Down front 4.08 miles/2,425/1:31:50 RT Garmin Data

Easy hike with Allison in the evening.