Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, 07/14/11

Morning/Afternoon:  Lost Lake in Indian Peaks.  4.5 miles/815 vert.

Hike with the family, but with the late start (11:30am), we were limited by the quickly building storms.

Afternoon/Evening:  Green Attempt

2.16 miles/1,454 vert./31:54/avg HR 159 Garmin Data

Was just about 15 minutes too late on this run.  Started around 4:45pm up the front side and within minutes started to hear thunder.  Unfortunately, the lightning was getting closer and closer, but I kept going with high hopes of it tapering off.  Just past the Saddle/Greenman jct., it was getting to be a bit too close for comfort and continueing up was just a dumb idea, so I turned around with my tail between my legs and boogied down.

Of course the storm cleared as I sat in one of the better traffic jams of the last few months and ended up with 35 minutes of driving for 31 minutes of running.  Sweet.

A few pictures from the hike: