Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Walker Ranch Loop

~8 miles
~1,800 vertical
169bpm ave.

Another great weather day and I was really itching to get out and run fast in the warm air. Drove up to Walker, warmed up for a few minutes and realized that I did not feel as good as I had hoped. Adding to that the wind was howling, so much so that it was throwing me around at times. Oh well, I figure I will give it a go regardless, mentally I am amped.

Started off at a fast pace for me down the hill. HR in the 160's. Got to the bridge in 8:52, felt good up the next hill, HR now in the low 170's, but I can't really get it up to where I want, confirming my suspicions that my mental state is stronger than my physical. Make it to the parking lot at the crest of the meadow in 20:11. Keep up my intensity on the downhill, maintaining around 170bpm, forcing myself not to coast. I make quick work of the rock stairs and cross the creek again at 36:26.

I rightly figure getting back up the hill to the TH is going to take some time and effort. My first goal is to beat my time of 1:04:27 from Bill's race on Aug. 8th, 2006. Goal 2 is to get George's time of 1:00:01, goal 3 is to go under an hour, a tall order.

I grind and grind up the hill. I look at my watch a few times, but can't really come up with any guesstimates. I am at 176+ going up the hill, then just kill myself on the final rollers, nearly throwing up at the finish and get in at 1:02:17. Not bad. I am somewhat happy to take 2:10 off PR, but a little bummed to not go under an hour. Oh well, I gave it all I had. Tough course.

On the way home, I ran up Gregory to meet Allison. I was trashed, but it felt good to shake out some of the lactic acid. Great day.