Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday, 11/23/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down Amphi/1st access/NE/Greenman

3.37 miles/2,377 vert./57:20 (34:12up/19:48 down/3:18 added running back up with Tony) Garmin Data

Was gearing up at the Gregory lot and was surprised to see Aron roll in, as he was meeting a friend for a hike.  Was tempted to join, but I was eager to go a bit quicker and as usual had a bit of a time constraint, though planned to meet them on my way down.  Headed up at a steady pace, hiking most of it, running occasionally.  Spent a minute or two on the summit, then headed back down Greenman, being slow and careful on the ice.

After rounding the 3rd switchback, I saw Tony coming up the trail, so I turned to run with him back to the top.  He said he was ahead of PR pace, so I stepped aside to let him go, then was surprised to stick to his heels which rarely happens (must be because I had caught my breath for a few just previously and was feeling fresh again).  We spent another few minutes on the summit enjoying a particularly nice afternoon, then headed back down together, stopping to say hi to Aron and then retracing my ascent route.

Today was an amazingly warm day for the day before Thanksgiving and it is supposed to be even nicer tomorrow.  I was really needing to get out and enjoy a little fresh air and it was an added bonus running into friends on the peak.

Heading out for a few hours/peaks starting at 7am from Chautauqua tomorrow to earn my turkey meal.  Can't wait.