Monday, April 27, 2015

Saturday, 04/25/15 Green Mountain

My time for blogging has been increasingly minimal, as has my enthusiasm for it, not sure which precipitated the other, but I do still plan to post something every now and then, whenever the mood strikes once every month or three.

We spent last week vacationing along the coast of Southern California, so upon returning, I was itching for a Green Mountain fix, but being on daddy duty impacts that a bit.  Last year we had done some partial hikes on Green, often just taking one at a time, but today we were going all in.

To make the hike reasonable, we drove to the top of SuperFlag and started on the West Ridge Trail, which for most fit hikers or trail runners is a lark, but for these 4.5 year olds, it was a perfect challenge with a great summit reward.


Isabelle making her very own animal tracks in the snow

We had to make a lot of stops to check out pasque flowers and any other flowers that are slowly emerging.  We make lots of stops to learn about the environment around them, flowers, trees, animal tracks/sounds/sightings, geography and peak names, geology, flood damage (none on this hike, but they were talking about it often).  It takes a lot of time, but they LOVE absorbing the world around them and are like little sponges.  I love teaching them.

Isabelle taking a snack break

I thought the final steep and technical section would be the crux, but they had the most fun here and powered up it with no problem, matching the pace of some adults on the trail.

Heading to the summit video: 

Amelie was really cranking ahead and later confessed that she was really motivated by the thought of eating gummy bears on the summit: 

The reward, summit views and gummy bears.

I am a proud dad.

They climbed the summit boulder on their own with a little spotting.

On the way back, they wanted to do some trail running on the smoother sections.

This hike (with some running at times) took a few hours with all the stops for snacking, learning and views, but they did remarkably well, getting a little tired toward the end, but otherwise were no worse for the wear aside from some sore leg muscles the next day and a ravenous appetite afterwards.  We'll certainly be making this a weekly outing over the remainder of Spring and into Summer, with the goal of starting lower and lower down the mountain and getting to higher elevations as the snow melts.

Showing their trail running skills:

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Year In Review

I debated posting a 2014 year in review, partly because I am always pressed for time, partly because it is cheesy and partly because I initially thought there was not much to post about.  However, upon further reflection and digging through my photos to jog my (short) memory, I realized it was quite a busy year, filled with many quality adventures.

This was a transitional year, as my now 4 year old daughters are increasingly able and incredibly enthusiastic about getting out for hikes in the mountains and foothills.  It is a constant evolution as they get bigger, trying to balance my desire to introduce them to new places and push their limits a bit to make them stronger, yet not push them over the edge to where they dislike what they are doing (I think this approach has been successful thus far). The majority of our hikes have been shorter (not more than 4 miles) and well within their abilities.  We make it a point to keep it interesting for them along the way, which is not too difficult, as at this stage in their life, the World is so full of novel wonders and they soak it up like a sponge.

Running and racing was a bit of a mixed bag.  I had some days where I felt as strong as ever, achieved a few PRs, but overall feel as though I am slowing a bit.  Those great days where I feel as though I am defying gravity are fewer and further between.  Age is catching up to me for sure and I am becoming less disciplined to a certain degree (not that I ever have been disciplined).  Regardless of the numbers though, I had many enjoyable runs and races and still enjoy it immensely.

As for 2015, I have not really had time to give it much thought.  I'm not sure how much I'll race or what my focus will be.  Most likely the Pikes Peak Marathon, but I am also intrigued with some other races as well, so I have debated shifting my race priorities entirely.  I also toy with the idea of not racing at all and fill that competitive void with doing what I like better anyways, just running my own challenges up/over/through the mountains.  I would like to run the Pawnee/Buchanan loop again, though put in a bit of a more concerted effort this time.  I would also love to run the Aspen 4 Pass loop hard (have hiked it before), want to summit some new (to me) 13ers/Centennials, be patient enough to hike another 14er with my aging dog Sierra, spectate/crew/pace at Hardrock, things along those lines.

Mostly though, I look forward to continuing to spend time in the mountains and desert with my wife, daughters and dog as the girls become stronger and more able bodied.  Introducing them to the landscapes we love most has been infinitely more rewarding than anything else.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, for my fellow stat conscious friends:

1,335.5 miles (19 miles of that was "road" running (I include flat paths in road category)).
553,934 vertical feet
348 hours
Avg. elevation gain: 2,506 feet
Max. elevation gain: ~11,000 feet
Max. distance: 42 miles
159 Green Mountain summits
20 Bear Peak summits
16 S. Boulder Peak summits
24 Sanitas summits
6 Flagstaff summits
4 14er summits
9 13er summits
1 12er summit
4 Other summits
1 Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim
1 Pawnee/Buchanan Loop

I posted just a few favorite photos from 2014 below (OK, a lot, my mom is probably the only one that will look at them all) ;).

Racing the Sourdough Snowshoe Race in January (2nd place)

Running Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim, April.  I went in fit and well prepared, but got sick, ran anyways and struggled to finish in a bit over 9 hours.

Spring Moab trip

Isabelle hiking most of the way up Sanitas on her own.

Very proud

Bolder Boulder.  I was just barely able to sneak in sub 40, which I was relatively satisfied with, given my only flat running was the warm up jog before the race.

Early June trip to Lake City

The animal tracks chart helps to make these hikes even more interesting

A few new Centennial Peaks

Alpine Loop

Relaxing in Lake City

The Great Sand Dunes were a massive hit.

First (car) camping trip at the Great Sand Dunes

Amelie hiked up Green under her own power via the W. Ridge Trail

Just before the first crack of thunder which had me giving her a high speed piggy back ride to the car.

More hiking on Green Mountain

A banner wildflower year on the local hills

We went hiking at Brainard Lake at least once per week all summer

A day at the beach

Climbing (part way) up Mt. Spalding

Hiking to Lake Isabelle

Barr Trail Mountain Race

Just barely earned an old guy award

Maximizing my time (and yearly pass to Brainard), I was up here weekly running peaks and valley/lake trails.

My mum and niece Kylie came to visit

Allison, Sierra and I got to Crested Butte for a few days.

Before the start of the Pikes Peak Marathon

The Start

 Bottomless Pit

 Again, I miraculously snuck into an age group award despite a lackluster performance (a disastrous descent really).

Amelie on Sanitas

On my way up Buchanan Pass (Sept.)

Suffering bad on Pawnee Pass

Bill Wright's Rattlesnake Ramble

Very temporarily ahead of Andy Ames

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary at Rocky Mountain National Park

My dad came out for a visit too.

Sunflower Farm in Longmont

More hiking

Monster Dash in Louisville

A hike with the girls in lieu of the Basic Boulder

Sierra and I on Green

Celebrating Green #1,000 with great friends.

Maybe burrow racing in the near future? ;)