Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday, 01/09/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down Front

4 miles/2,278 vert./57:29 (36:49 up)/157 avg. HR Garmin Data

Conditions were improved over yesterday, but still less than ideal, especially with rounded microspikes.  Put in a steady effort, not too hard, but definitely was working a bit on the up.  Took the descent pretty casual and cautious.

Sunday, 01/08/12 Green Mountain

From Chautauqua via Gregory/Ranger

6.37 miles/2,512 vert./1:44 (54:01 up from Gregory lot)/114 avg. HR Garmin Data

Casual hike/jog with Allison and Sierra in the afternoon.  Conditions were not ideal with the fresh snow on the old ice and dull microspikes.  Was a great day though and the new snow did a good job dressing things up a bit aesthetically.  Wanted to push Allison a bit more on the uphill (she spent much of Gregory Canyon on the phone dealing with some things happening at home), but she was going a decent pace above the cabin, where I had fun coaching her a bit on form, stride and cadence, which seemed to help her move along quicker and more efficiently.  I really hope to help her get her back to her pre pregnancy ~40 minute Green PR shape by Spring.

Jogged much of the way down which was fun and somewhat unusual for Allison, while Sierra of course was going batty with the fresh snow.