Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bear Peak and S. Boulder Peak

7 miles
3,300 vertical
48up Bear/1:01 to SBP
1:56 RT

Getting ready in the car I was considering a rest day as it was cloudy, windy and cool. What the heck, here I am. Once again Sierra was really dogging it, worse than ever I think. I would run, wait, wonder, backtrack, encourage, repeat. Once the trail got steeper, our relative speeds evened out a bit, but I was still going slow for her. We hit the saddle at 35 and change and then I decided to up the pace a bit. She was never too far out of sight and I only had to briefly wait once. Hit the summit post at 48:?? and a few more seconds to the true summit.

The trip over to SBP was casual and we got there at 1:01. We took a nice long break here, and another long one back on Bear taking in the views and giving Sierra lots of hugs and scratches behind the ears. On the way down we stopped to play in the lingering patches of snow as a reward to Sierra for following me all over these peaks.

We did some running where it was steep and she kept up OK, but then I was walking as to not get ahead after the slab. Talked to an older gent about knee issues for a bit, his was much worse than mine, but he is getting out plenty.

A great day out. The weather held and despite Sierra's slow pace, it is great to have her along as she is an awesome pal.