Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday, 10/22/11 Green via Cavernous Sinus/East Green

From Chautauqua
4.37 miles/2,792 vert./2:24 (1:54 up)/avg. HR 123
Up Royal Arch Trail to Sentinel Pass, Cavernous Sinus, East Slopes to East Green, Greenman
Down Greenman/NE/1st Access

Had an amazing outing with Homie today seeking out the infamous Cavernous Sinus, as described in Roach's Flatiron Classics book.  Homie has been in the area several times climbing nearby rock formations, but had yet to stumble across it, so today we went looking.

After some circuitous bushwhacking and a dead end or two, we ascended a gully with small cave at the end.  I crawled into the seemingly nothing of a cave and only saw a narrow vertical opening into who knows what up above between some massive chockstones (massive, like the size of a house), all seemingly supported by much smaller stones.  Homie took a look and then wormed his way up through the improbable looking hole, as I volunteered to go back down and around and meet him on the upper side.  I have done more challenging things in slot canyons, but I have become even more of a wimp over the years and just looking at that tight vertical opening made me feel claustrophobic.

Homie made it out the upper side with no problem and from there, we spent some time goofing around climbing on rocks and exploring all the cool formations.  Eventually, we ascended a harder than it looks from below chimney with some stretchy moves and then came out on top of this really cool knife edge formation with amazing views of Green, S. Green, Bear and SoBo.  From there it was an easy jaunt over to the Greenman trail and then to the very crowded summit, where we bumped into Rob and Lauri Timko.

This was certainly one of the more unique trips up Green and definitely one of the most fun.  Getting out with Homie is always a great time and the unique vantage of Green and the surrounding area from the sharp fin near East Green is unrivaled.

Now I am hoping to get back and complete the trip through the cavern, although I might wear pants and longsleeves.

Entrance to the top secret cavern

This is the hole Homie slithered up (I put my hat there for scale)

Homie on the other side

Up above the cavern, Homie explores some rugged terrain

Awesome vantage of the 3rd Flatiron and town.  The photos do not do it justice.


Zoom even more

Liken' the lichen

Tada!!  All of a sudden, there is the summit of Green as I have never seen it.

Bear, SoBo, S. Green

Green summit

Zoom of Green (you can see the crowd on top)

Our ascent gully (steeper than it looks)

Rob and Laurie Timko