Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, 03/22/10 Green Mountain

Started off easy up through Gregory Canyon, Sierra and I were in perfect sync, just cruising along. My legs and lungs felt great and I felt as though I could push harder if I wanted, but just above the cabin, I started to bonk big time. All I could think about was food and how much I regretted not bringing a GU and Microspikes, as traction was not nearly as good as yesterday. The descent was slick and my energy levels were quickly dropping. I was slipping all over and uncoordinated on the snow and ice, then my feet were having trouble getting over and around the rocks back through Gregory. Luckily I had some food in the car which prevented an emergency trip through the Wendys drive through (I never do this, but was contemplating it seriously for a while).


Cabin: 17:55
4-way: 39:44
Summit: 43:26
Descent: 32

Sunday, 03/21/10 Green Mountain

Met up with Homie and Aron after work at the Gregory TH. My plan was to put in a solid effort, but with the new snow that I knew would be mostly slush down low and who knows up high, I was not too committed to any aspirations of a fast time, just a solid workout. I started off up the Gregory Canyon Trail with John and Aron for the first few minutes, then upped the tempo a bit after the first bridge (this involved having to elbow Aron out of the way, as he was deliberately blocking ;)).

Conditions were very muddy, slushy and overall wet through Gregory. Once the trail leveled for a bit, there was plenty of packed snow, but it was wet and easy to sink in and slip, but nothing too terrible. I made the Ranger Cabin in a not too pressed 17:20. From the Ranger Hut, conditions improved somewhat and I just ran a steady tempo, going on the high side of moderate but never really digging deep and felt comfortable. I pushed a bit harder over the last 6 or so minutes, hoping to sneak in under 40. There were still some slushy/slippy areas that slowed things a little, but overall conditions were quite reasonable compared to the previous day. I left the Microspikes behind, as I figured they would just be balling up on such a warm day and I think it was the best decision for the conditions.

I made the 4-way in 35:59, then the summit in 39:38, where I made a u-turn and headed back to meet John and Aron just below the switchbacks on the ridge. I hiked back up with them and we all ran back down together at a cautious/converstional pace (down in 30). With temps in the high 50's it felt as though Spring has returned (temporarily at least).