Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 23-May 30 Wrap up and Bolder Boulder

Monday, 05/23/11 Off.  I forget why, probably had something to do with work, family etc...

Tuesday, 05/24/11 Green Mountain (up/down front) 4 miles/2,280 vert./1:03:25 (38:15 up) Garmin Data

Very casual run.  Was quite wet from having just rained and felt very invigorating.

Wednesday, 05/25/11 Off.  Had to go to the airport to pick up my mom who is visiting.

Thursday, 05/26/11 Green/Bear/SoBo/Green 12.41 miles/5,209 vert./2:42:02 Garmin Data

Met Brandon at Chautauqua a bit before 9am.  Headed up Gregory/Ranger at a casual/conversational pace with a brief pit stop at the ranger hut dumper.  With no results there, I was feeling a little bogged down, but I pressed on with a pocket full of TP just in case.  Spent a moment or two on Green, then headed down Green-Bear where we soon parted ways as Brandon continued down Bear Canyon and I headed up Bear W. Ridge.  I got into a bit of a groove and upped the pace a bit, feeling somewhat good and totally enjoying the quiet morning, having the trails and peaks all to myself.  Everything seemed to be firing well and my foot coordination was spot on going up and down, mental and physical energy were great, my achilles was good.  It was an awesome morning, cool and damp and climbing above the clouds at ~7,000 feet was quite the treat.  I backtracked over Green after tagging Bear/SoBo and then from the summit of Green I headed down the front instead of the back for a change in scenery.  It was one of those days where I felt like tacking on a few more summits and 2:42 of running seemed WAY too short.

Chautau to Greg lot: 5:39
Up Back to Green: 41:33
Green to Bear:  36:45 (went slow from Green to W. Ridge jct.)
Bear to SoBo: 10:30
SoBo to Bear: 8:35
Bear to Green:  33:11
Green to Greg lot down front: 21:52
Greg to Chautau: 3:53

Friday, 05/27/11 Green Mountain (up/down back) 5.18 miles/2,316 vert./1:16:04 (44:53 up) Garmin data

Sierra talking me into bringing her along, so this run was really slow.  Just as well, as I might have gone harder than I should have and it was great to have her along even though it involved a good bit of waiting.  Found a dollar bill on the way down, then not long after a 6 foot bull snake stretched across the trail.  I put Sierra on leash and then taunted it a bit with a long stick to be sure it was not a rattler.  We took a wide arc around it to be sure and then Sierra was tugging me like a sled dog down the trail (glad to know she is afraid).

Saturday, 05/28/11 Sanitas (up valley/East, down S. ridge) 3.5 miles (from 4th/Mapleton)/1,291 vert./~45 minutes Garmin data

Got bogged down with errands and BB/Creek Fest crowds and only had time for something short, so I headed to Sanitas.  What a zoo over there on the busiest weekend of the year in Boulder.  I was going slow and easy, but still was a little annoyed with so many people and dogs getting in the way.

Sunday, 05/29/11 Local Run 4 miles/184 vert./37:32/~9:23 pace

Allison and I ran from the house out to Harper Lake for a BB training/taper run (her only training for the week).  Super easy.

Monday, 05/30/11 Bolder Boulder x 2

Ran the Bolder Boulder in the AA wave.  I had mixed intentions going into the race, knowing that the odds were stacked against me with the iffy achilles, lack of specific training, lack of consistent training (mostly due to the achilles and having twins), change in course, etc.... 
Despite all of those seemingly minor details, I STILL, for some unknown reason, thought I could will myself to beat my 38:59 PR from last year.

I started off reasonably conservative, but my achilles was bugging me by the first turn and I just overall was not feeling it.  The effort seemed too high for my lagging pace and I became a bit discouraged.  I never gave up, but did not really dig either, just ran it in at what felt like a pretty sustainable pace and felt like I could have gone for a few hours at that pace.  Just had no real "speed".  I finished in a personal worst for the BB in 40:24, but I guess I should not be too surprised, nor am I too disappointed, as this was just a fun training thing.  Hopefully my fitness gels a bit by August.

I kept running past the finish, through the crowds, hopped the fence and doubled back to my car at the Timko lot at 33rd/Arapahoe (thanks Rob!).  My intent was to meet Allison who was to run the HE wave at 8:20, so I had enough time to change into my Hoka Bondi Bs, re-fuel a bit and then take off to pace her.

Lap 2

Allison signed up for her first BB/first race with a handful of work friends and ended up in the unqualified HE wave.  I planned to pace her and lead her through the crowds and show her the most efficent lines through the turns.  This second lap was WAY more enjoyable than the first lap, as I was able to take in all the sights and sounds and appreciate the festive atmosphere much more at the easy pace.  She ended up finishing in 54:50 which she was happy with considering her lack of training (only a handful of well spaced runs, weekly  hikes up Green and pushing a baby jogger around).  Next year she will run the E wave and I think will do a bit better without all the people dodging.

In all I had 17 miles on the day, with the two 10k's and the trips to the car/warmup etc....

Lap 1 AA wave Garmin data

Lap 2 HE wave Garmin data