Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday, 03/11/10 Green/Bear/S. Boulder

Met up with Mike O, Brandon and Brandon's neighbor John at the Gregory TH around 9am. Took it super casual through Gregory, then Mike upped the tempo a bit after the Ranger Hut, soon after Jim had caught up to us. There was a surprising amount of fresh snow, just the right amount to slip slide in regardless of what kind of traction you have on your feet. Made the summit of Green in 48 I think (according to Mike). Back at the 4-way, Brandon and Jim went right as Mike and I went left down Green/Bear to Bear Peak W. Ridge.

I kept the pace casual in the fresh snow, as my goal for the day was to just go moderate and the fresh snow did not inspire speed. It was a bit of a slog breaking trail up Bear, over to S. Boulder (to the saddle) and then all the way back down Fern, as you never knew what you were stepping on/in.

We sped things up a bit at times on the Mesa Trail, sloshing through copious amounts of muck and packed snow. I am so ready for dry trails.
The whole loop back to the car via a Chautauqua detour was 3:20 including stops. Mike kept on top of the timing and had our loop at about 3 hours of moving time.

Despite the tedious conditions, it was a great day of playing in the snow.