Friday, May 2, 2008

Green Mountain

5 miles
2,400 vertical
36:43up/59:43 RT

Winter has returned to Colorado. As I slink out of bed, look at Allison and Sierra sleeping soundly, I question my sanity, as staying in the warm bed seems like a much more appealing option. Driving to Boulder under a battleship gray sky as my car was getting tossed about by the wind, I was wondering what I was thinking? The visible snowshowers over the foothills did little to boost my spirits to boot. Oh well, days like this always turn out better than they first appear and today was no exception.

It really isn't that bad, but I have been getting softened by the occasional 82 degree day. As I am driving past Chautauqua, I immidiately see GZ's fox in the middle of Baseline keeping track of it's territory, an omen of a good day to come perhaps? Out the car and up to Gregory TH. I quickly determine that I was a bit overdressed, so the jacket goes around the waist and skull cap in the pocket, chances are I will need it later. Up I go, Amphitheater/Saddle Rock/NE Ridge/Greenman. My legs have recovered from an unusual and heavier than normal training week and I feel pretty good, but I still am a bit unwilling to go fast today.

I am just intending to plug along on the steep and get in a good workout, a bonus really as I did not think I would get out today. The snow continues to increase, but nothing major, ankle deep at most and coverage is sporadic. I make the summit post in 36:43, scramble up the summit rock, take in a quick view and a deep breath and cruise back down. At first I go easy as to not take a digger on the snowiest upper section, dancing gingerly around the rocks and deep postholes, then increase the pace a bit as the trail improves, hoping to get down for a RT of less than an hour. I knew it would be close, but I was not too concerned one way or the other and never looked at the watch. I went really fast when it looked wide open and really slow where it was snowy and caution was necessary and finished in 59:43, far from a PR, but I was quite happy with that considering the crappy conditions, heavy clothing and lack of initial motivation. What a way to start the day!