2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, 11/21/11 LoBo Trail/Niwot

8 miles/106 vert./56:16/7:02 pace/152 avg. HR Garmin Data

Was debating whether or not to get out today, as this sickness I have had is still lingering a bit, but I really needed a break from the cubicle and had to enjoy some fresh air.  Have been eager to check out the LoBo Trail, so I ran on it to Niwot and back (to Longmont).  The trail is pretty flat and not particularly interesting, but I am very thankful to have a nice long stretch of mostly uninterrupted dirt almost right out of the office.

Warmed up for the first mile (7:20) and even though I kept the HR/pace reasonably mellow, it felt like a bit more work than it should have been (not much work, but the effort felt a little out of balance with the pace).  I really wanted to go a bit further, mainly because it is all new running terrain for me, but forced myself to turn at 4 miles, as I had to get back to the office and figured I should not do too much in order to try to kick this lingering throat/low energy thing.  I was able to negative split the return by 2 minutes, which surprised me a bit due to the headwind coming back.

Mile splits were:  7:20/7:06/7:14/7:18/6:48/6:56/6:38/6:52