Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday-Thursday, 8/11/09-8/13/09

Tues- Commute to work on road bike. 30 miles.
Weds- Commute to work on road bike. 30 miles.
Thurs- 22 miles to S. Mesa TH and back with Allison in the morning. Perfect.

I am stoked to be getting out on the bike and am feeling increasingly fit, but still a bit off, as I am not really able to comfortably crank it up out of the saddle or mash big gears yet (although my typical style is to spin and not mash anyways). I am noticing improvement every day though as I walk around the house, even momentarily forgetting that I am recovering from a broken bone and I am a bit more comfortable on the bike with each passing day. I think my biggest hindrance at this point is my atrophied left leg, especially my calf, but it is coming back quicker than I expected.

As much as I try to convince myself and others that it is no biggie to be missing Pikes this year, it becomes more of a big deal as the day draws near. Reading all the chitter chat and prognosticating online and seeing the countdown timer clicking away is really bumming me out and I wish I could be toeing the line in good form, ready to give it my all. I guess I have to be patient for another year.

I wish all my friends the best of luck up on the mountain though and am excited for them, especially George, nobody deserves it more than you my friend, run a good one for me!