Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, 11/28/11 Green Mountain

Up Amphi/1st saddle/NE/Greenman
Down Greenman/NE/SR/Amphi

3.08 miles/2,283 vert./1:07:25 (36:10 up) Garmin Data

Started at 4:01pm, walked the entire up and most of the down.  Was super warm, shorts and a tee a few days from December in the dark (well, the last 10-15 minutes was in the dark) is just insane.  I'll take it though, as the predicted high on Thursday is 26 degrees.  Awesome evening and surprisingly I did not see another person on the entire mountain.  The upper switchbacks are getting slick enough again that I am reconsidering carrying the spikes.  Would save a minute or two on the down.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday, 11/25/11 S. Boulder Peak/Bear Peak

7.64 miles/3,229 vert./2:49 moving time Garmin Data

Allison, Sierra and I were able to get out for a long overdue hike with our friends Dave, Emily, Kiefer and Shep. Headed up Shadow Canyon, which is completely dry to the saddle.  From the saddle, Microspikes are mandatory to the summit of SoBo as it is bulletproof ice most of the way.  No traction necessary from the saddle  to Bear.

It was a good bit cooler than yesterday, a bit breezy too, but we had an awesome time catching up and then went to the Southern Sun for a well deserved dinner.

Dave and Allison


Allison, Emily

On the way down Shadow, Kiefer spotted a very bad squirrel

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday, 11/24/22 Bear Peak/Green Mountain

9.28 miles/4,030 vert./2:12:32/149 avg HR Garmin Data

I was mentally enthused to get out this morning for a few peaks, as the weather is unseasonably warm and I had a morning pass, but as soon as I started from Chautauqua at 7:39am, I physically felt really stiff, tired, creaky, uncoordinated and even still a bit low energy from this lingering cold I have had for the last week +.  I figured as an in between compromise, I would run Mesa to Bear Canyon, run the new trail again and make a loop over Green.  By the time I got to the mouth of Bear Canyon though, I made a spur of the moment decision to head up Bear.  I was feeling a little better as I warmed up (though not up to par with what I had hoped) and just hiked up Fern at a mellow pace.

Above the saddle, the increasing amount of ice made things pretty interesting (without traction) and I had to really perform some gymnastic moves to maintain upward progress without killing myself, as much of the trail is a real solid bobsled run.  Even the off trail workarounds in what I hoped would be more grippy snow turned out to be really slick and icy.

I made the true summit of Bear in a very slow and casual 1:06 from Chautauqua and got to the top seconds after 2 other guys, one of whom looked a bit familiar.  Turns out it was Dakota Jones and we chatted for a bit.  He and his friend Jeff ? were planning to drop down Fern, but after relating my fun times ascending, they decided to join me down the W. Ridge (the route they had ascended).  We took it fairly easy down W. Ridge, but even so, I managed to take my best fall in a while.  I stepped on a very dirty and inconspicuous patch of ice and my feet came out like the guy on the wet floor sign and I was down in an instant.  Luckily it looked/sounded worse than it really was, but I ended up with a good bit of trail rash on my hipass.

There were some more ice patches that we negotiated slowly/carefully without incident and then once down to Bear Canyon, Jeff headed down, while I showed Dakota the new route I found last weekend on our way up Green.  This was Dakota's second summit of Green for the run and he was telling me his rather exciting story of catching up to a mountain lion on the trail earlier in the morning (on Saddle Rock just before it meets Greenman).

For the descent, I introduced him to the Greenman/NE/1st access route which he really enjoyed.  Despite feeling pretty off of my game this morning, it was a great time on an awesome morning and was fun getting to know Dakota a bit.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday, 11/23/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down Amphi/1st access/NE/Greenman

3.37 miles/2,377 vert./57:20 (34:12up/19:48 down/3:18 added running back up with Tony) Garmin Data

Was gearing up at the Gregory lot and was surprised to see Aron roll in, as he was meeting a friend for a hike.  Was tempted to join, but I was eager to go a bit quicker and as usual had a bit of a time constraint, though planned to meet them on my way down.  Headed up at a steady pace, hiking most of it, running occasionally.  Spent a minute or two on the summit, then headed back down Greenman, being slow and careful on the ice.

After rounding the 3rd switchback, I saw Tony coming up the trail, so I turned to run with him back to the top.  He said he was ahead of PR pace, so I stepped aside to let him go, then was surprised to stick to his heels which rarely happens (must be because I had caught my breath for a few just previously and was feeling fresh again).  We spent another few minutes on the summit enjoying a particularly nice afternoon, then headed back down together, stopping to say hi to Aron and then retracing my ascent route.

Today was an amazingly warm day for the day before Thanksgiving and it is supposed to be even nicer tomorrow.  I was really needing to get out and enjoy a little fresh air and it was an added bonus running into friends on the peak.

Heading out for a few hours/peaks starting at 7am from Chautauqua tomorrow to earn my turkey meal.  Can't wait.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, 11/21/11 LoBo Trail/Niwot

8 miles/106 vert./56:16/7:02 pace/152 avg. HR Garmin Data

Was debating whether or not to get out today, as this sickness I have had is still lingering a bit, but I really needed a break from the cubicle and had to enjoy some fresh air.  Have been eager to check out the LoBo Trail, so I ran on it to Niwot and back (to Longmont).  The trail is pretty flat and not particularly interesting, but I am very thankful to have a nice long stretch of mostly uninterrupted dirt almost right out of the office.

Warmed up for the first mile (7:20) and even though I kept the HR/pace reasonably mellow, it felt like a bit more work than it should have been (not much work, but the effort felt a little out of balance with the pace).  I really wanted to go a bit further, mainly because it is all new running terrain for me, but forced myself to turn at 4 miles, as I had to get back to the office and figured I should not do too much in order to try to kick this lingering throat/low energy thing.  I was able to negative split the return by 2 minutes, which surprised me a bit due to the headwind coming back.

Mile splits were:  7:20/7:06/7:14/7:18/6:48/6:56/6:38/6:52

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday, 11/20/11 Green Mountain

Up Amphi/1st Access/NE/Greenman
Down Greenman/NE/Saddle/Amphi

3.26 miles/2,281 vert./1:03:21 (36 up)/146 avg HR Garmin Data

Sent out the bat signal in the morning and had a better than average turnout, with Homie, GZ, and Tony all in attendance.  Went fairly moderate on the up, stopping occasionally to regroup.  Pace was not fast, but my cold/sickness is lingering and I was trying to breath through a wad of phlegm stuck in my throat and my energy level is still a bit low (plus even on my best day, it takes extra effort to keep up with Tony AND maintain conversation).

Took it easy on the down and safely negotiated the ice on the upper mountain without incident (although I turned  around and looked back just in time to see Tony take a not so graceful digger).  It was an awesome evening and was really great spending time with 3 of my best running buds all at once.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday, 11/19/11 Green Mountain

5.99 miles/3,241 vert./1:46:52/avg HR 147 Garmin Data

Started from the Gregory lot at 7:14am. Took it fairly easy up the front/NE ridge, avoiding the worst of the ice. I felt better when I got up this morning than I have the past few days, but as expected, my energy level was still a little low and I was hacking up a good bit of phlegm despite going really slow, hiking easy mostly. The cold temps and my slow pace really helped Sierra though, as we were pretty evenly matched, or she was ahead which does not happen often nowadays.

Made the summit in 41, then decided to add on a bit, so I headed down the dry Green/Bear trail to just a short ways beyond the W. Ridge jct, then unexpectedly happened upon a new route that I was eager to see for the first time, so I followed it for a while and eventually summited Green again after doing a little exploring. For the descent, I went quite easy, following my ascent route for the most part, where I saw a few other runners on upper Greenman (whom I did not recognize).

Despite not feeling great physically and the subsequent slow pace, this was a great morning to be outside, enjoy the trails with Sierra and discover some awesome new terrain.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, 11/18/11 Local Baby Jogger Run

5.01 miles/157 vert./46:19/9:15 pace/avg. HR 119

Felt even more sick today than the previous few days, despite sleeping better.  Felt like my head was in a vice when I got up and I had a pounding headache (added to runny nose, sneezing and sore throat and maybe a bit feverish).  Left the house for some errands a bit before noon, but after the first errand, I got envious of all the people I saw out running and biking, so bee lined it home and got suited up.

We zig zagged through Louisville at a very easy pace to the big park just South of downtown, where I pushed the girls on the swings and they laughed and had a great time.  After swinging, we sat in the grass for a while as they played with small sticks, leaves, picked handfuls of grass and traded stole these items back and forth with one another.  The day was so perfect, clear, calm, quiet and it was so peaceful laying there in the soft grass watching them absorb their surroundings, discovering new things and loving life.  They looked so beautiful, innocent and radiant playing in the soft sunlight, I was in awe and overwhelmed with how fortunate I am to have them and could have hung out there all day watching them play.

Reluctantly, we had to head home to get some lunch, but I was wishing we had more time (and I had more energy) to fully take advantage of such a remarkable day.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday, 11/17/11 Local Baby Jogger Run

5.01 miles/133 vert./47:11/9:25 pace/119 avg. HR

Easy run with the girls into Louisville and back.  Was hoping to run 12 or more (at least that was the plan early in the week), but I am full on sick and this run was more for getting myself and the girls some fresh air and running an errand.  Swung by the library and returned WAY too many kids books and CDs and was relieved to lighten that heavy load.

We then scoped out some of the course for the upcoming Thanksgiving Turkey Trot race and dialed in the best line through some of the sidewalk sections and such through the park and as you approach the Coal Creek Path.  I plan to be pushing the baby jogger, but I hope to not be relegated to the back and then have to work my way through a crowd.  Ideally, I hope to start 2nd row, far to the left side, as I plan to run this in front of the masses at least.  I don't think the course will be that fast as there are a few bottlenecks, dirt, a sharp (but short) climb and a 180 turn, then opposing traffic on a narrow trail.  Probably not a big deal without a jogger, but something to consider with.

On the way back, we stopped at the park and got in some good swinging, which the girls really love.  Then we found a lost dog and I was able to make a leash out of a baby blanket and swing her by the police station and deliver her to the dog catcher Code Enforcement Officer (noted that if I was ever confronted by her for not having our dog on leash, the chances of her catching us are very slim at best).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday, 11/15/11 Green Mountain

Up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman
Down NE Ridge

3.75 miles/2,300 vert./1:04:02 (38:32 up/25:28 down)/148 avg. HR Garmin Data

Fairly easy run, as I think I am coming down with something (the whole family is sick), or at the very least, was just low on energy from a few consecutive nights of poor sleep.

As expected, the route is dry to the spring on upper Greenman below the talus field (where some large trees came down in the recent wind storm, one huge one fell across the trail in the lower talus field and slid out of the way, then another just above obstructed the trail and was recently removed).  Trail conditions were quite icy and slick though here for a bit, but I was too lazy to stop to install the spikes, so I just negotiated the best I could by staying in the snow on either side of the trail.  There was another fairly long dry section, then snow/ice from the bottom of the wooden stairs to the final switchback, but again, did this without the spikes.

Spent very little time on the summit, just long enough to put on my windbreaker and then somehow detach my headlamp from the band and watch it crash down the rocks, as I had it wrapped around my wrist.  Oops, I did not know it could do that.  Luckily it still worked.  Was also a bit pestered by the still persistent wind, that has pretty much been blowing since Saturday morning.

I carefully negotiated my way down the upper snow/ice section with my Microspikes safely stashed in my waistband, then gave the NE ridge a try in hopes that it would be dry and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was (I will be favoring this route until conditions improve on the normal trails, as traction is not necessary at all).  It was quickly getting dark and for a while I was in that no mans land of dark enough it is hard to see, but too light for a light to be of much help.  Once past the 1st access jct., it was like somebody flicked off the light switch and I busted out the magic Fenix lamp for the remainder.

I am quite clumsy in the dark and took it easy as to not have any mishaps.  The moving shadows really throw off my already compromised equilibrium (only long lasting affects from my near fatal head injury in 1987).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, 11/13/11 2 Laps on Sanitas and Red Rocks

Sanitas x 2/Red Rocks
6.74 miles/3,001 vert./1:21:27/159 avg. HR Garmin Data

Was planning the usual lap on Green, but I was eager to test the NB MT110 and I realized that my medium size (stretched out) Microspikes were a bit floppy on the very slim and streamlined 110. I debated trying it anyways, or just going without traction, then decided that running dry trails and perhaps getting a few minutes of late afternoon sun on Sanitas might be good for the soul.

By the time I started my run, a thin layer of clouds were blocking out the sun and the wind was pretty pesky, making it feel much cooler than the ~51 degree temp reading in my car. Despite this though, I was eager to run, as I have only hiked Sanitas a handful of times with the babies this year and I can’t even remember the last time I actually ran it.

I pushed a bit on the first lap, feeling a bit bogged down by the forceful wind and also worked my way around many more dogs and people than I expected. The second lap, I felt like I took it easier (which seems true because I was 1 minute slower), but my HR was actually 2 bpm higher for the second ascent. To change it up a bit, I descended the East Ridge/Dakota Ridge and really enjoyed cruising along the dry trails. I seriously contemplated a 3rd lap, but knew I would run out of daylight and did not feel like wasting the time running back to the car at 4th/Mapleton to get my light, so I ran over to Canyon via Red Rocks and back (where it got pretty dark on me by the end).

The MT110 is indeed an amazing shoe. I was impressed with how light and responsive it felt, yet has enough protection to protect your feet well on something as rocky and technical as Sanitas. It is a very free/neutral feeling shoe, but stability was excellent, as it rides so close to the groung.  Traction was very good as well, as I was doing some deliberate high speed rock smearing on the descents and it pretty much stuck whenever I needed it too. This shoe will be a must have for those looking for a fast and light race shoe (they will be available in Feb. 2012 I think?).

Lap 1, Up/Down S. Ridge:

18:27 up avg HR 167
11:43 down avg HR 150

Lap 2, Up S. Ridge/Down East Ridge/Dakota Ridge

19:30 up avg HR 169
16:54 down avg HR 151

Red Rocks: 14:50 out/back

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, 11/12/11 Too Windy to Run and New Shoes

I should have run in the morning before it got too windy, but the planets did not align and by the time I had the time to get outside, the toilet water in the house was sloshing (seriously) and it felt like the roof was going to fly away at any moment.  This continued all day and the thought of pushing the girls around in the jogger did not seem appealing or prudent.

I am back to testing shoes again, no longer for Competitor Magazine, but now for Running Times and Triathlete Magazine.  I am guessing it would be a conflict of interest to also review those shoes here, but I just figure I will post the occasional picture and a very brief opinion (full reviews/ratings can be found later at those sources).

NB MT110.  After staring at the back of these shoes frequently on Green Mountain for nearly a year and hearing Tony boast about them being THE best shoe he has ever used, I lucked into a pair.  I have not yet had  a chance to put them to the test, but just wearing them around the neighborhood so far, they feel awesome, light and fast with a surprising amount of support and protection for such a minimal shoe.

The Flatirons approve, so how could you go wrong (no, the shoe is not made of wood)

The Erik Skaggs version

NB Trail Minimus MT00.  Scaled down even further from last years model, now a scant 4.5oz. and zero drop.  I can't really see much of a practical use for these around here in Colorado, perhaps a few grassy strides, or a soft dirt path.  I actually enjoy wearing them around the office, but I get a lot of odd stares and funny looks.  If I were still backpacking (hopefully again someday), these would be sweet to keep handy for creek crossings and around camp.

Nike Zoom Elite.  It has been ~15 years since I have run in a pair of Nikes.  These shoes did not disappoint, light and fast feeling but plenty of cush for the cement and paved paths.  Great on the smooth dirt too.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15.  A solid road training shoe, good cushion and support, a bit stiff on toe off (just a little). 

K-Swiss Blade Foot Run.  Another zero drop shoe.  Felt odd at first, almost like walking around in road bike shoes as the front almost feels higher than the back.  I almost passed these by, but am really glad I grabbed them.  Super comfy, light and are substantial enough to use as a daily trainer.  The subtle color scheme also makes them suitable for civilian use.

Inov 8 Bare X Lite 150.  Kind of a cross between Halloween and Christmas (skeletor meets candy cane?).  Yet another zero drop minimal racer.  I like the slip on/quick lace style and they are super light and comfy, but they are a bit too skimpy for me (but I have already re-homed them).

 Here is a shoe shelf shot as per GZ's request (to be fair though, the lower right 3 shelves are all Allison's shoes).  Just wait until Amelie and Isabelle start running.....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, 11/11/11 11.11 Miles at 11:11am Local Baby Jogger Run

11.11 miles/272 vert./1:23:47/7:33 pace/147 avg. HR

Out of the blue yesterday when considering my run for the day, I got the idea that I would get out for an 11 miler and all the other 1s just happened to come together.  Headed South through Louisville on the bike/walking paths and eventually to the Coal Creek Path, following it through old town Superior, where we turned around near the new(ish) Mayhoffer Singletree TH (which was at the 5.5 mile mark).  I considered going longer, but knew that by the time we got home, 11 would be enough for all of us on the day.  We stopped for a while and watched the cows on the side of the road and the girls really seemed to be entertained by it.  Overall a pretty moderate run, with a few casual miles and few quicker miles at sub 7 pace (6:54 and 6:59).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday, 11/10/11 Green Mountain

From Chautauqua
Up Front/Down Back

5.87 miles/2,454 vert./1:25:25 (52:42 up) Garmin Data

Met up with GZ at Chautauqua a little before 7am and it was surprisingly balmy, perfect morning for a lap on Green.  Took it super easy, hiking most of the ascent, catching up on all sorts of topics and just enjoying the tranquility.  I had my Microspikes, but since George did not, I did not bother to put them on for the climb and got by just fine since we were going a casual pace.

Since there was a cool breeze and I had to meet the family for breakfast in town, we did not linger on the summit for too long.  I put the Microspikes on at the 4-way and George encouraged me to go ahead and not wait, as he knew he would be slower without any traction.  Although I was reluctant to take off, it was beneficial in the end to not have the family waiting on me, though I simultaneously regretted not getting to spend that extra half hour continuing our always fun conversations.

Conditions on the hill right now are not great (not complaining, I always enjoy it) and there is really no ideal method of getting up/down (mostly the back down part) safely and efficiently.  Going up Gregory Ranger, it is dry all the way up the canyon (aside from the initial ~45 seconds of snow/ice), then mostly snow/ice to the cabin (with some dry spots), then bullet proof ice above the cabin, most of the way to the ridge, then there are long stretches of dry trail, then a lot of ice, then mostly dry from 4 way to the summit.  On the front, it is mostly dry up Amphi/Saddle (you can step around the ice when necessary), then most of upper Greenman is ice with a few spots of rock.  Microspikes are great, but you either have to take them on/off frequently, or accept the fact that you will make them dull prematurely running on rock and dry ground.  Screw shoes are good on the ice also (not as good as Microspikes, but close) and are advantageous in some ways when you are quickly transitioning through varying trail conditions, though I am not eager to be scratching around on bare rock on the lower half of the mountain.

I hear the La Sportiva Hobnails are pretty cool, but I am a bit reluctant too cheap to throw down the $40 dollars.  Maybe a few more days of this stuff though will push me in that direction a bit more.

I guess I could always go back to running the S. ridge on Sanitas for the Winter, but what fun would that be?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, 11/08/11 Green Mountain

Up Front/Down Back
4.71 miles/2,308 vert./59:28 (36:09 up/23:18 down)/155 avg. HR Garmin Data

Great post work run, started off pretty mellow up the front side and eased into moderate pace.  Put on the spikes just before the spring on upper Greenman and pushed a bit harder over the last few minutes, as conditions in the last ~1/4 mile are ideal at the moment.  Was happy to enjoy a few fleeting minutes of sun while relaxing on the summit, but knew that would be short lived.  I took off the spikes for the ~2 minutes or so down to the 4-way and then wore them until the top of Gregory Canyon where they were no longer necessary.  Despite a 23 minute descent (which is reasonably quick for me in the variable conditions), daylight was fading to a point at the end where it was getting a little tough make out trail definition, but still too light to turn on the headlamp I had with me (just in case), so it will not be long before a good bit of my post work run will be in the dark.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday, 11/07/11 Longmont Run

8.6 miles/113 vert./1:02:25/7:16 pace/143 avg. HR Garmin Data

Got out for a run around the lunch hour and was pleasantly surprised that the weather was still decent (although there was a bit of cold breeze coming in from the North).  Followed cement bike paths and sidewalks mostly, but made it a point to run on the side of the paths/sidewalks in the dirt/grass/snow, just anything but running on the hard stuff if I could help it.  Felt like this run was pretty mellow (as I intended), but kept finding myself wanting to push the pace more (though refrained).  At the end of the run, I was very excited to stumble upon the LoBo trail that parallels Diagonal and then cuts through Niwot.  Eager to explore this a bit, as it is nice graded dirt and I will not be forced to degrade myself on hard surfaces.... ;).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, 11/06/11 Green Mountain

Up Front/Down Back
4.67 miles/2,297 vert./1:01:35 (37:47up/23:47 down)/152 avg. HR Garmin Data

Great run after work and the time change was not as bad as anticipated, as I still had plenty of light to spare (which was good, because I forgot my flashlight).  Made decent time despite the variable conditions (dry, rocks with ice, or all ice) and the Microspikes an absolute necessity on the upper 1/2 of the mountain.  The effort was reasonably mellow on the up and down, just cruised without pushing at all and felt pretty good.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday, 11/04/11 Local Baby Jogger Run

10 miles/350 vert./77 minutes/7:51 pace/avg. HR 149

GZ met me at the house for a tour de Louisville.  Perfect day outside, sunny, warm, no breeze and we went casually moderate for the most part, just shooting the breeze the whole time.  George said he wanted to go faster for a bit near the end, so our best mile was mile 8-9 at 6:55 (though it was uphill).  We took a few laps around the block to make it an even 10, where George did some sprints and I did one (saw as fast as 4:13 pace pushing 72 lbs of baby jogger).  As always, it was great getting out with George and his company made the miles pass quickly.  Hopefully we can make this a more regular occurrence.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, 11/03/11 Green Mountain/Local Run

Up/Down Front
4.01 miles/2,295 vert./1:04:12 RT (42:10up)/avg HR 167 Garmin Data


I got a surprise (but short) window of opportunity to get away from baby duty this morning, so the race was on for a lap on Green, knowing that I could get called back at any minute.  I sped to the Gregory lot from Louisville and got cranking up the trail, knowing that the faster I went, the better the chance I had of completing my run.  I was making OK time on the lower section (for the first ~10 minutes or so), but then conditions were such for a lot of slipping, even with Microspikes, so even though I kept the effort up, my splits got worse and worse as the snow deepened and became less tracked/consolidated.  2 switchbacks from the summit, I got the call to get back to the girls, but being 3 minutes from the top, there was no way I was going to turn around.

I wasted no time and pushed pretty hard on the down (though stopping a few times to answer a few "where are you and when are you getting back" calls, so the descent was probably more in the 20 minute range).  It was awesome to get out on a bright sunny midday (I even wore shorts despite the cool temps) with all the fresh new snow and I would guess there is close to 2 feet of snow (total from both storms) on the uppermost section of mountain.  Though the splits do not really reflect it, this was a pretty solid run in the snowy conditions.


Local baby jogger run
5.54 miles/296 vert./55:59/10:06 pace

This started off as an easy 2.5 mile walk/jog to the library and back in the late afternoon, but it was nice out and the girls fell sound asleep in the Chariot, so I extended it a bit so they could get in a good nap.  I would have even gone a few extra miles, but options were a bit more limited than normal today with the recent snow and I was wearing the wrong shoes for running paved miles (testing a pair of NB Trail Minimus).

Wednesday, 11/02/11 Green Mountain

Up Back/Down Front

4.79 miles/2,322 vert./1:35:54 (1:02up)/140 avg. HR Garmin Data

Met up with JP after work for a lap on Green in the fresh foot or so of fresh snow (at least there was that much or more on the upper 1/3 of the mountain).  There were a few tracks from those who had passed before us, but it was pretty loose and unconsolidated.  We went pretty casual the entire time, up and down, just enjoying an awesome (and very Winter feeling) late afternoon/evening.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday, 10/31/11 Davidson Mesa Baby Jogger Run

7.63 miles/319 vert./1:12:27/9:30 min/mile/124 avg. HR

Easy run with Allison and the girls after work.  Awesome warm evening and there was a bittersweetness to it, knowing it was most likely the last post work baby jogger run of the year (snow mid-week, then I am off work late week, then the time change).