2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flag and Green

~7 miles
~2,700 vertical
20:53 up Flag/59:14 total to Green

I snuck out of work 30 minutes early (with the boss's permission of course) and had all kinds of ideas in mind, as it was over 60 degrees. I'm trying to avoid steep trails for a while as part of my kneehab, so I figured I would take a long route up Green via Flag. I was pretty motivated, mainly by the great weather, as I am having a huge bout of Spring fever. I worked pretty hard to get up Flag, hoping for sub 20, but the mud bogs, ice and snow all conspired against me (along with general lack of fitness) and I made it there in 20:53. Oh well, 20 sounds better than 21, so I was happy with that. It felt great to get the blood pumping. From here on, I just maintained a casually steady pace, down the road to Flag, past the Ranger hut, then took the Greenman trail to the sweet new section of trail. Conditions were mostly terrible, as the soft snow meant for much slipping, sliding and occasional post holing. I was on the cusp of a good fall just about all day. I made it to the summit just under an hour (59:14) and turned right around. I thought I would cruise the descent, but as I descended Greenman, to Saddle Rock, to Amphitheater, conditions just got worse and worse. It went from wet snow, to slushy snow, to glare, water polished ice and I got no respite until I made it to the Gregory lot. I had studs, but they are starting to dull. although they still helped tremendously. I made it down to the car at a snails pace of 34:58, even though it seemed like I was going pretty quick. Conditions will be even worse after it freezes and snows tonight as they predict. Time to stick to some lower "dryer" trails for a while, and/or the treadmill. It was an awesome day out and I am feeling great.