Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mallory Cave

~3miles/~1,000 vertical

Had high hopes for a trip up Green today, but with the bitter cold and wind, coupled with all the things we need to get done to prepare for our trip, Mallory was all we could muster. There was quite a bit of ice on the trail. I was well equipped with freshly studded shoes, but Allison's shoes are getting pretty dull and was forced to go off trail as much as she could. It was bitter today, and the entire time, all we could think about was getting back for a warm lunch.


3 miles/1,300vert.

Had a great time on Sanitas today. Took it pretty conservative due to the ice, cold, knee etc..., but went up in 20:12 despite the easy pace. Felt buoyed by the fact that my treatment for patellar tendonitis is starting show results in that my knee felt the strongest it has in a year. I plan on taking it quite easy for a while yet until I am confident I am on the right track once and for all. No need to be cranking yet, just need to maintain some base fitness at this point.