Monday, May 5, 2008

Green Mountain

5 miles
2,400 vertical
43:13 up/28 down

Got out for an early morning spin up Green. You would think I would be getting sick of it after going up there just about every day for the past week, but it is a refreshing change from the wide open and crowded slopes of Sanitas that I frequented this winter. I went really easy on the way up, hiking mostly, but broke into a mellow trot on the flatter sections. I'll bet I never got my HR over 150, but was probably closer to 140 the entire way. Since I went hard yesterday and then spent the afternoon biking, I figured this morning would just be a recovery workout. I historically have trouble slowing down, but I forced myself to do it today. I have found that when I have the discipline to make my easy days easy, I can dig deeper and push myself further on the harder days, so I constantly have to remind myself of that. It was so peaceful this morning as I had the entire mountain to myself. I took a few minutes on the summit to take in the super clear views of the mountains and smell the fresh air. The descent was a bit slow, as I felt a bit klutzy, like I had 2 left feet. Odd that yesterday I ripped the descent and felt as though I could do no wrong, just ultra sure footed, but today I felt as though I was on the verge of slipping or tripping the entire way down. I was also wearing road shoes, so that may have played a very small part.