Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday, 09/22/11 Green Mountain

Up/Down back 5.31 miles/2,352 vert./2:13 (1:20up) 123 avg. HR Garmin Data

Super easy (well, as easy as it can be carrying twins and dealing with a leashed dog (for a while)) hike up/down Green with Amelie, Isabelle and Sierra.  Started off the hike with a bit of a thrill, as there was significant rustling in the bushes on the left side of the trail about a minute into the hike up Gregory.  It sounded like multiple bears, but I could only see the back of one, maybe not even 10 feet away.  Instead of being enthralled like last time, I was scared $hitless and got the hell out of there.

It was an amazing afternoon, clear, calm, perfect temperature, both of the girls and I had an amazing time as  we laughed, chattered and made all kinds of nonsensical noises.  The leaves are slowly starting to change and is looking/smelling more and more like fall.

Spent a few minutes on the summit taking pictures and drinking water.  Bumped into Alex Robertson whom I met on Cyclone/Carbonate 3 years ago (he recognized me and introduced himself, as I probably stand out a bit carrying twins ;)).

Took it easy on the down and made a lot of noise as I got closer to the TH, as I did not want to see that bear again.



All smiles

Surrounded by beautiful girls


Tuckered out


Starting to see some color