Tuesday, March 4, 2008


7.2 miles
2,450 vertical
18:10 up Sanitas S. Ridge
11:39 down Sanitas S. Ridge
29:49 RT
175bpm ave HR on the ascent

I felt so good yesterday, I knew I had to give Sanitas a quick run today, just to see where I am at. I did a 1.5 mile warm up, went back to the car to swap out for a lighter jacket and I was off.

I started off at a seemingly fast pace. I really cranked, but soon found myself power hiking on the first steep section. I quickly went back to a run and was feeling OK and keeping a good tempo. At about the half way point, I started to feel as though I was fading a bit and was hacking up a lot phlegm (I think due to the cold air). I kept plugging away, trying to maintain a good pace, but there was no denying it, I was progressively fading. I tried my best to not look at my watch, and only looked at it once at 14:39 before the very short downhill where there is always that puddle. I knew focusing on the watch would not help, if anything it would discourage me.

I went a fast pace on the downhill, but was still being a bit cautious. Afterward, I headed over red rocks toward Settlers, across Eben G, started up Flag, but it was muddy and I was not committed, then backtracked.

Overall, I was pleased with my improvement, as I was 33 seconds faster than I have done all year, but I am still a minute slower than I was in January 2 years ago which is not so good.

Even though I only averaged 175bpm, I felt that I gave it about 95% effort. Why not 100%? I tried, but don't have the fitness to give 100% right now if that makes any sense.