Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday, 01/05/12 Green Mountain with Amelie

5.19 miles/2,324 vert./1:37 (53 up/44 down)/avg. HR 129 Garmin Data

Got to spend some one on one time with Amelie today and figured I would take her up Green Mountain since her twin sister Isabelle was one up on her.

Headed up Gregory/Ranger for a little sunshine and to avoid the worst of the ice on Amphi/Saddle Rock trails.  Aside from a few slushy/icy sections, spikes were not needed until the top of Gregory at the 1 mile mark.  Conditions above that were nice packed/slushy snow where the spikes got great grip the entire time and there were just a few rocky sections near the summit.

Effort on the up was on the low side of moderate with a bit of a harder effort over the last few minutes.  We spent a few minutes on top sharing apple juice out of Amelie's sippy cup and took a few pictures before reluctantly heading down on such a perfect ~65 degree January day.

We went super easy on the descent as to not bounce Amelie around too much or risk taking a slip.  I bonked hard near the Ranger Cabin and I then realized it was after 2pm and I had not eaten lunch.  I guess I was so concerned about making sure everything was perfect for Amelie, I totally neglected myself.  Lesson learned.

We had an amazing time and it was really cool to just spend quality time with Amelie on her own.  We sang, practiced words, imitated the sounds farm animals make and just generally soaked up the warm sun and laughed a lot.