Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, 10/14/10 Green Mountain

Brandon and I met up at Chautauqua around 8:45am for a trip up Green. I was going to suggest going up the front, but I know Brandon prefers Gregory/Ranger, as it is a little less steep. My legs were feeling decent and I was feeling like pushing a bit, so I started off quick, intending to break 35 and hopefully PR. I made it to the Ranger Cabin in 15:13, 10 seconds slower than PR pace, but was not too worried. I thought I carried my momentum well into the second half, but my gut feeling told me that I was slowly losing a second or two here and there. I was moving well, but as I made my way through the final switchbacks before the 4-way, I was doing a little mental math and was sure I would not be close and got a little discouraged. Hit the 4-way in 31:46, 23 seconds behind, but pushed hard to the top, recovering 5 seconds, topping out in 34:57, 19 seconds slower than PR, but my second fastest time on that route ever, so I was generally pleased with that all things considered.

After taking a minute or so to catch my breath, I headed back down the trail to meet Brandon a little ways down and followed him back up to the top. I was starting to get anxious to go see my twins and was a little bit more worked over than usual, so instead going over to Bear Peak as previously discussed, we bailed on that idea and just casually jogged back to Chautauqua via Bear Canyon/Mesa Trail chatting it up. It was great to catch up with Brandon, as it has been too long and awesome to push hard and get in a good effort.


Cabin: 15:13
Greenman/Ranger jct.: 18:46
Flat spot on ridge: 23:08
4-way: 31:46
Summit: 34:57
Descent to Chautauqua: 50:19

Wednesday, 10/13/10 Mesa Trail Hike

Allison, Sierra and I got out for a nice, several mile hike on the Mesa/Bluestem trails from S. Mesa TH late in the afternoon. The weather was sunny and pleasantly cool and even a bit chilly as the sun set behind the peaks, but we appreciated the fall colors and temps. Allison is really getting her energy back and is eager to get up Green Mountain again and get in a bit more vertical gain. I am super impressed with her hiking energy, just two weeks after delivering twins.