Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, 8/18/09 Road Ride

22.5 miles

Got out with Allison for a super easy ride to Boulder, just a casual spin, enjoying the cool and refreshing evening. Looking forward to Mt. Evans on Saturday (and maybe Thursday or Friday too if I can swing it). Anybody with a bike is welcome to join, we have 5 now, various abilities and will probably stagger start times/locations accordingly.

Monday, 8/17/09 Superflag

28 miles

Same ride as yesterday, just a bit faster with a little less effort. Felt a bit better than the previous day and started off a bit more conservative and built the effort.

16:32 to turnoff from bridge (a half minute faster than previous)
31:26 to top from bridge (a minute faster than previous)
59:58 to top from home