Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, 05/11/09 Bear Peak/S. Boulder Peak

I decided I needed to go somewhat hard today, so I took a shot at Bear Peak as a bit of a fitness reality check. From the first step, I felt lousy. Nothing in particular was bugging me, I was just a bit lethargic, had little energy and was generally not into it (into being outside, just not into railing it).

I pressed on and my time checks were decent, so I faked it for a bit, but knew by the saddle that I was not able to fake it for much longer, the charade was over. From the time I got on the Fern Canyon Trail, all the way to the summit, I was power hiking mostly and only ran several very short sections. I made it to the post near the summit in 39:49 and was only moderately satisfied, as I was hoping to be under 40, but was secretly hoping I would do better than that.

I know I am not at my best yet, but was secretly hoping for at least a minute better than this. Perhaps I could better this a bit if I felt a little better to start, who knows. From the post, I cruised over the true summit, hopped down the rocks on the West side and jogged over to S. Boulder at a more conservative pace. I backtracked to Bear and then descended Fern, just cruising, never pushing. Not a bad day, not a great day.


Cragmoor TH 0:00
Shanahan Jct. 2:50
Doggy Mud Pond Jct. 4:30
Mesa Trail 13:30
Saddle 25:58
Bear 39:49
S. Boulder 51:5?
Bear 1:01:??
Saddle 1:09
Finish 1:28