Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday, 02/28/12 LoBo Run

8 miles/58:43/142 vert./7:20 pace/avg. HR 148  Garmin Data

Eager to run before the predicted 70-80 mph winds (that have still yet to materialize), I got out mid-morning for a flat run from work.  Headed toward Niwot on the LoBo Trail, cut left off of 83rd onto Niwot Meadows Farm Rd. and then picked up a new (but still "closed") dirt path that generally headed East.  Was running somewhat mellow and getting near my turnaround time (had to get back to a meeting) and was hoping the new trail went all the way through to 95th so I could make a loop.  The trail finally ended and I would have had to add distance by going S. to Niwot Rd. through the high school grounds, or trespass a direct line across a farm (still tempting).  Decided to play it on the safe side and just backtrack, so I picked up the effort a bit to be sure I had enough time to shower and re-group.  Still was a fairly moderate run.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, 02/26/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down Front

4.08 miles/2,276 vert./56:26 (36:34 up)  Garmin Data

Bumped into Homie at the Gregory lot after he had finished his 2 laps for the day.  I was debating the old/dull spikes, but he encouraged me to use the newer/sharper pair and I was very glad I did.  The lower 1/3 of the mountain is solid ice and I was appreciating the great grip, as anything less would have made the going very slow.  The upper 2/3 to 1/2 was pretty decent packed trail with only a few short sections of awkward sidehilling.  Kept the effort at a reasonably moderate level and did not push at all.

On the descent, I just coasted and was making decent time on the upper half (I think), but really dialed it back on the lower section, as even with the sharp spikes, I took a good slip while being careful (I pulled out of it without hitting the deck, but it was a good wake up call).  Passed a couple picking their way down with no traction on their shoes and felt really bad for them.  Hope they made it out unscathed.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, 02/25/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

8.27 miles/257 vert./1:09:11/8:22 pace/avg. HR 136

Perfect day for a casual run with the girls in the jogger, as it was around 60 degrees and calm, so we headed over to Harper Lake and Davidson Mesa in search of geese and horses.  Only saw 4 geese, but the horses were outside and being social, so that was a big hit, despite all the slow going in the mud to get in and out of there.  Hoping those trails will dry out soon.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday, 02/24/12 Green Mountain

From Chautauqua
Up Front/Down W. Ridge/Long and Gregory Canyons

7.21 miles/2,630 vert./1:33:54/avg. HR 161  Garmin Data

Met up with Dave and David Riddle at Chautauqua for a lap on Green.  David was visiting town from Ohio with his wife and wanted to get in a little trail running before they headed up to Summit County for a weekend of skiing, so he had contacted Dave for a Tour.  Headed up Amphitheater/Saddle Rock/Greenman at somewhat of a conversational pace (they were conversing while I listened).  Conditions were a bit better than Wednesday, but it was windy again and there was plenty of freshly drifted snow to slip around in.

We spent a while on the summit, pointing out the neighboring summits (those that were not obscured by clouds) and just chatting for a bit.

Headed down West Ridge to the top of SuperFlag, which was rough in spots and included a good bit of post holing.  Long Canyon was in better condition, sheltered from the wind and even packed by somebody with snowshoes.

Great day out, a little cold and breezy at times, but seemed calm compared to Wednesday.


Chau to Greg:  5:59
A/S/G:  41:20
Down WR/Long/Greg:  41:44 (longer than our ascent!)
Greg to Chau:  4:49

I got a kick out of this rather large and heavy (50lb) trophy sitting out front of Dave's apartment.  He has so many, he uses them to decorate outside even.  This one was used to prevent his patio from flying away during the recent wind storm.

Traversing the drifted, off camber section of trail above the Greenman/Saddle jct.

Dave, David

Dave, David, me

We stopped and built an awesome snowman on the way down while we waited on Dave

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, 02/23/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

8.2 miles/313 vert./1:02:13/7:35 pace/avg. HR 153

Was waiting all day for it to get nice, but it never really did aside from a few fleeting glimpses of sunshine.  Finally (and now reluctantly) got out the door at 3:54pm and it was cold and breezy, but figured since we were all suited up and ready to roll, we would get in at least a few miles.  Once I got running though, I felt good and was immediately into it (having a mp3 loaded with good podcasts helped tremendously).

The first mile was the most vert. of the run (132 ft.), so was a bit slow, but the miles seemed to click by smoothly after that.  Headed toward the rec. center, followed the powerlines to Dillon and then took a chance heading over to the Coal Creek Trail, hoping that it would not be too snowy or muddy.  There was some mud and a little fresh snow, but it was just a little slow and messy, but definitely tolerable.  Just before crossing the creek by the golf course, there was a huge tree across the trail and there was absolutely no way around it.  I was 5 miles in at this point and the prospect of backtracking around the golf course was not appealing, as we were nearing baby dinner time.

I considered a few unlikely options, then it dawned on me that if there were no fences, I could backtrack to the golf course and cut across.  Sure enough, it was wide open and I did a bit of cross country through the snow and across the course to eventually get back on track.

Overall a pretty good moderate run.  Slowest mile was 8:38, fastest was 6:32 at 152 HR.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, 02/22/12 Windy Day on Green

Up 1st saddle/Down G/S/A

3.56 miles/2,273 vert./1:09:10 RT (45:12 up)/avg. HR 152  Garmin Data

Windy is an understatement, hurricane is more like it.  Picked up Dave at his place and headed to the Gregory TH for a balmy, yet breezy jaunt up Green.  The snow conditions were pretty miserable, deep slush where the trail should be packed, or soft, deep, drifted wet snow where the wind has all but obliterated what was once a nice packed trench.

Went pretty casual on the up and down, stopping often to hit the deck to avoid being knocked to the ground by the wind and occasionally needed to cling to a rock or tree for good measure.  This was definitely one of the most, if not THE most windy conditions I have been in on the local peaks (but not nearly as bad as a few occasions in the high mountains).  Gusts at NCAR were recorded at 88mph, but it might have been a bit more than that high on Green.

Despite the less than ideal conditions, it was great to get out with Dave again and we had a really fun time.

Oh, and while finishing up, we noticed a tree had fallen across the Amphitheater Trail while we were on the mountain (a small one though).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, 02/21/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down front

3.89 miles/2,285 vert./1:01:22 (41:11 up)/avg HR 158  Garmin Data

The wind has raised a bit of havoc on the trails, drifting the snow in spots to the point where there may as well have not been a trail underneath and it was often at a sidehill angle that involved some significant slipping and sliding.  Either way though, it was a lot of fun out there today and managed to sneak up/down during a relative lull in the wind.  Went what felt to be a moderately moderate effort, easy cruising on the packed trail, a bit more work in the drifted sections when breaking trail.  Went a mellow pace on the down and some sections seemed to be as much work as on the ascent.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, 02/19/12 Green Mountain

4.04 miles/2,281 vert./56:29 RT (37:39 up/18:49 down)/avg. HR 157  Garmin Data

I waffled all day about getting outside for a run, as this on-going sickness thing keeps dragging along.  Though I feel a bit better, my nose and lungs/throat still are not quite right and energy levels/enthusiasm to exercise are a bit lower than normal.  I think some of it has to do with waking up often in the middle of the night coughing and I am a bit tired from lack of sleep.

Still, it was a reasonably nice day and I felt like it could not hurt to head over to Green for a little fresh air to snap me out of my malaise (staring at my computer screen all day was also giving me a headache and making me a bit stir crazy).

Leaving work and enjoying the light of day helped a bit and then once I hit the trail, I felt much better immediately.  Still though, I kept the effort on what felt like the low side of moderate, hiking about 50% of the climb and easy jogging the remainder.  I was happy to not have a wheezing fit on the summit, like on Weds/Thurs, just some minor discomfort.

Took it super easy on the down.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, 02/18/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

3.51 miles/132 vert./30:33/8:42 pace/avg. HR 126

Another very easy jog with the girls with a stop at Walgreens to re-up on cold medicine (still lingering).

Friday, 02/17/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

3.01 miles/237 vert./28:18/9:24 pace/avg. HR 123

Easy jog with the dog and babies.  Still not feeling up to speed.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday, 02/16/12 Sickness report and Green Descent PR

Just figured I would write a short wrap up since this past weekend.  Not much going on in the way of running, as I have been sick since last Thursday.  I entirely blame myself, as I thought smugly to myself the day before I got sick, that it was pretty amazing that I did not catch the sickness the girls have been passing back and forth to one another for the previous ~2 weeks.  I try to catch myself when such things cross my mind, as it is almost like I have a 6th sense, or premonitions of sorts.  Thoughts or statements, such as 'have not been sick in a long time', 'have not had a flat tire in a long time', 'car is running great', 'have not crashed my bike in a long time', etc...., have always had a way of coming to fruition.  Though I rarely, if ever, buy into superstitious beliefs, I do however get a bit superstitious about these topics and try to cut myself off if they ever enter my mind, much less discuss such matters.

It started off with some funny throat phlegm thing that crept up on me Thursday, but I tried to pass it off as a consequence of running the previous day when the air quality was noticeably poor (visible inversion with brown smog).

Friday morning:  I felt OK, though was still in a bit of denial and ran Green easy with Sierra and felt reasonably well.

Saturday:  ran 2 miles with the dog and baby jogger, but energy was somewhat low and it was freezing cold.  Those 2 miles were not the least bit fun and I regretted even going outside.  Even wearing warmer gloves, my hands were like wooden claws and I could hardly get back into the house and they stung as I warmed them.  Sheesh, I have gotten a bit soft with the mild Winter (mild until Feb. that is).

Sunday, 02/12/12

Off.  Running was not even remotely an option.  It crossed my mind, but I laughed at the absurdity of it.  Functioning at the most basic level was all I could do as my energy was very low and it felt like my head was in a vice.

Monday, 02/13/12

Felt a little better, but still was really low on energy and my nose was running like a faucet, along with a deep cough.  Got out for a walk at lunch time, 2 miles round trip to Target.

Tuesday, 02/14/12

Felt like I could have jogged for an easy few miles, but opted to just get out for a short walk at lunch (1 mile) instead, as I was way too busy at work and had to be home in a timely manner for early Valentines dinner reservations.  I did not worry about it though, as running on any of these days, would only be to say that I ran and would do more harm than good.

Wednesday, 02/15/12  Sanitas

S. Ridge

2.36 miles/1,250 vert./46:58 RT (28 up)  Garmin Data

With grandparents watching babies, I could not pass up a hike with Allison and Sierra.  I was hoping to hike Green, but we were short on time after running a bunch of errands, so settled on Sanitas.  I let Allison set the pace and just followed her, hacking every now and then, but felt OK while moving.  My legs felt good and if I were alone, I might have pushed, but by the end I was glad I did not, as I could barely keep up with her and then had a wheezing fit on the summit.  Walked down easy, doing my best to not die on the ice (I gave my Microspikes to Allison, who decided at the car that she would not need any).

Thursday, 02/16/12  Green Mountain

Up/Down A/S/G

4.06 miles/2,283 vert./52:17 RT (36:28 up/15:48 down)/ avg. HR 162  Garmin Data

Slept better the previous night than any night in a long time and woke up feeling like I had just about all of my energy back, but the runny nose, cough and lung funk were all still there.

Headed to Boulder for a lap on Green in the afternoon with the intent to just play it by ear depending on how I felt.  Though it felt like I was breathing through a snorkel half filled with water, my legs and energy were top notch and I ended up running the whole ascent, albeit at what felt like a very conservative pace.  I felt like I could have gone a few minutes faster than my 36:28, even with the lung thing, but figured there was no sense making a mess of myself.  Even as it was, I had a major wheezing fit on the summit, as I tried to chat with another runner who was visiting Green for the first time, asking for directions and trail advice.  Much of my efficiency was simply a result of the incredibly smooth and consistent snow conditions right now, as there are hardly any large step ups (a few on Amphi), but otherwise is like a paved sidewalk.

Tempted by the perfect conditions, I pushed a little harder on the descent to see if I could break my ~17:30 PR from a few weeks ago.  I eased into it, not going all out, but definitely pushed when I could and backed off a bit when necessary (the short "flat" sections/rollers I did not push).  I just sort of let it flow and never looked at the watch (I don't really dare to when running fast downhill).

I figured I would break 17, but was really surprised to see 15:48 when I stepped into the Gregory lot.  Still slower than Homie by a few handfuls of seconds and a far cry from Tony's FKT of low 14 (done in FAR worse conditions no less), but I was happy with the improvement all things considered.

I still think I can carve some time off of this descent PR once my sickness completely passes, or at least I plan to give it another shot as long as conditions hold.

Additionally, I also walked a total of 4.5 miles over 3 walks throughout the day (dog walk, Davidson Mesa walk to go see horses with the family, and a late afternoon neighborhood walk with the family).  For those who might be interested in Davidson Mesa, conditions are still terrible, several inches of compacted snow and ice.  Does not look like it will be clearing out any time soon.

Davidson Mesa on 2/16/12

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, 02/11/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

2.06 miles/68 vert./20:53/10:08 pace

This was more of a jogging dog walk, as I am feeling a bit sick, the girls are recovering from being sick and it was way colder out than it looked.  I wore what I thought was a warm enough pair of gloves, but my hands were non functional frozen claws by the time I finished and I was very glad to be done.  The girls were nice and toasty though with their hooded down jackets, hats, mittens, blankets and the greenhouse warmth of the fully enclosed Chariot.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday, 02/10/12 Green Mountain (descent PR)

Up/Down Gregory/Ranger

5.3 miles/2,306 vert./1:04:10 RT (44:18 up/19:51 down)/147 avg. HR  Garmin Data

Was planning to meet Tony and Homie for a lap on Green at 6:45am, but was feeling a little under the weather all day yesterday and bailed on them in the evening, not knowing how I would feel when I awoke this morning.

Woke up and felt better than expected, but my throat was still a little phlegmy and sore.  Regardless though, I could not pass up an opportunity to get outside on such a fine day and in such perfect snow conditions, so I promised myself I would go easy and brought the dog along to ensure that (that and she LOVES this snow even more than I do).

Happened to bump into Tony and Gavin finishing a lap at the Gregory lot and chatted with them for a bit, then headed up Gregory/Ranger.  Took it pretty easy, just going a pace where I would not get too far ahead of Sierra and she actually did a great job keeping up for the most part.

Bumped into Dan B. about 80 seconds from the summit and chatted with him for a while, mostly talking about the new Aussie pup he was going to get today.  Good to see him.

Spent a few minutes on the summit taking in the views (that never get old) and giving Sierra some good hugs and pats (never gets old either).  The trail/trench conditions right now could not be better and without really pushing on the descent (OK, I pushed a bit once or twice, but quickly backed off, as I was literally drowning in my throat mucus), I was able to set what I think is a PR for me on that route, 19:51.  I know now that in equal conditions, without the dog and throat funk, I could take some off of that (averaged a mellow 148 HR for this PR descent).  My feet just felt particularly quick and accurate this morning (greatly aided by the prime smooth track).

Sunday is the next time I can get out and enjoy, so I hope the perfect conditions continue and I feel better by then.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday, 02/09/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

3 miles/178 vert./33:04/11:00 pace/avg HR 111

Easy jog with the girls and the dog.  Could have easily taken the day off of running, but had to get the dog out and we all needed a little fresh air.  The slow pace though is mainly a result of pushing the jogger through snow, over snowbanks, across ice and waiting for the dog.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, 02/08/12 Green Mountain x 2

Lap 1:  Up Front/Down Back  42:20up/22:49 down
Lap 2:  Up Back/Down Front  48:43up/18:58 down

9.32 miles/4,589 vert./2:12:51/153 avg. HR  Garmin Data

Got out this afternoon for a bit of a longer run than normal.  Considered Bear/SoBo, but knew how the trail was setting up on Green and went with the better tracked option.  Did not start until 2:03pm (a little later than hoped) and headed up the front at a moderate pace.

Instead of Microspikes, I decided instead to use my Kahtoola running crampons and for the first 13 minutes or so, I was patting myself on the back for the smart decision, as footing was velcro like and there was no slippage whatsoever.  Unfortunately though, there was a bit of an inversion today and as I passed the 1st Flatiron access trail, the temp literally jumped 10 degrees or more in an instant (or so it felt).  Suddenly, the snow became very sticky and it was balling up under my crampons severely and each step from there to the summit, involved a forward scuff/kick/scrape which was very inefficient and a bit frustrating.  In retrospect, I should have just removed the crampons, as I probably would have made more efficient progress without them.

Not wanting to go through that again, I headed down the backside in hopes of better conditions.  I am not sure that the snow was better, but there was a fair bit of unconsolidated drifting along the ridge and I think just the act of running downhill also helped keep them mostly clear of snow.  Went fairly easy on the down, spent a moment at the car grabbing a gel and some water.  I enjoyed the backside so much, I decided to head back up it since I have been neglecting that way lately.

I felt decent for the second lap, again went a moderate effort, but the unconsolidated snow above the ranger cabin made for slow(er) progress.  Headed down the front side and flailed as usual on the upper section, even though I was going pretty easy.

Had I been able to get out a little earlier or had a bit more time, I would have certainly banged out a third lap, it was just so great to be out.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, 02/07/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down Front

4.14 miles/2,266 vert./1:02:03 RT (44:35up/17:27 down)  154 avg HR  Garmin Data

Had a really fun run up Green this afternoon in a few more inches of fresh snow.  Went what felt like a super casual pace on the up, kind of a 50/50 jog/hike depending on the snow conditions/gradient and was just enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the freshly falling snow and low cloud ceiling.  Surprised 4 deer in the trail near Amphitheater, so I stopped and talked to them for a little bit (they were looking at me like I was nuts).  Even though it felt very easy, I was still ~1:10 faster than Sunday at 13 bpm lower HR which I was happy with.

The few minutes I spent on the summit were some of the best in a long time for some reason, it was just so cool to have the summit to myself, socked in the clouds, piles of untouched virgin powder coating the trees and rocks, the lighting, the peace and quiet.

The trail in general is setting up nicely, but I am still slowed by the upper 1/4-1/3, as it is less consolidated and the footing seems narrow and somewhat precarious to me.  Went cautious for a while, with a few slips and near crashes, but conditions soon improved and I was cruising a little faster and with more confidence.  Though my descent was nothing in the range of Tony, Homie and Bill, I was happy to set a new descent PR (with a Winter asterisk) of 17:27 for the down.  I think once the snow sets up better, especially on the upper section, I should be able to whittle that down a little bit.  Fun stuff.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, 02/06/12 Longmont Run

3.58 miles/46 vert./30:06/8:24 pace/118 avg. HR  Garmin Data

Considered not running today and debated just taking a walk, or running for a short bit in my street clothes (feeling too lazy to get officially "run ready").  Ran in that time period just a bit too long after breakfast and about half way through, got a little bonky and could only think about getting back to eat lunch.  Went super easy, some of which was in snow and on ice.  Hoping the LoBo trail melts soon, as there is MUCH less snow in Longmont than Louisville and Boulder (as usual).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday, 02/05/12 Green Mountain

Up/Down front

4.07 miles/2,277 vert./1:05:43 (45:40 up)/160 avg. HR  Garmin Data

Was eager to head up Green and take advantage of the trench we worked on last night and bust out the new Microspikes for the occasion.  Snow falling off of the trees made the footing a little looser than I had hoped and made for a good bit of spinning out.  Not sure which option might have been best for today, running snowshoes, Microspikes, or perhaps Kahtoola running crampons (kind of wish I had remembered the running crampons).

I put in a solid effort, but was definitely not very efficient, as my legs were a bit tired and sore in unusual places from the snowshoeing the day before.  My back was also a bit sore from the 3+  hours of snow shoveling and those reasons excuses, combined with the loose snow made for a bit of a slog and I was often just simply governed by the inefficient footing.  Was surprised to be recognized on the trail by John R. who reads the blog and ran with GZ, Tim and I a few years back.

Pressed for time, I was hoping to make up a bit on the descent, but took it pretty slow and cautious on the upper 1/3 of the mountain (it was like running a balance beam at times and one mis-step would sink you in knee deep or deeper), then picked up the pace little by little as I descended.  I was moving reasonably well at times as I got lower, but was barely able to eek out a 19:58 descent with some hard work and sprinting at the very end.

Overall I am enjoying these conditions MUCH more than the mixed conditions prior to the storm and find it to be quite fun running in the fresh snow.  Hopefully things pack down a bit over the next few days, once they do, it will be absolutely epic.

Saturday, 02/04/12 Green Mountain, Local Run

Morning:  1:15 Shoveling

Noon:  4.02 miles/216 vert./39:16/9:46 pace

Easy run with the jogger on roads and plowed paths.  Conditions were decent considering the recent ~2 feet of snow, but there were sections of deeper snow/slush that made for some slow going at times.  Just needed a little fresh air and sunshine.

Late Afternoon/Early Evening:  Green Mountain

up/down front

4.06 miles/2,285 vert./1:24 RT (56:13 up)  Garmin Data

I was looking forward to some top notch wallowing on snowshoes in the several feet of fresh snow on Green Mountain (maybe 3+ higher on the mountain?), but as late as I was to get there, the trail was already well trodden.  As Sierra and I started up Amphitheater (at 4:42pm), I was thinking that my 30" expedition snowshoes were a bit much, as the trail was wide and well packed.  Homie had about a 7 minute head start on me and I was following his tracks with the plan being for me to catch up to him along the way, as he had a time constraint.  Sometimes I pushed hard, anticipating that I would see him just up around the next corner (not knowing at the time how much of a head start he had) and other times I backed off, thinking it was unlikely I would catch him (I was looking to go somewhat easy this evening).

Once above the Greenman/SR jct., I knew I was closing in, as Sierra stopped once or twice to look/listen across the valley with her ears perked up, then took off in hot pursuit.  Soon, I ran into them, as Homie had fortunately stopped to chat with somebody he recognized (who was skiing of all things).  Conditions above GM/SR jct. deteriorated a bit, as that section of trail had seen less traffic and I was now thankful for the larger snowshoes, so I could work on widening/packing the trail.

Spent a few moments on the summit and then headed down at what seemed to not be too quick of a pace, but was definitely a lot of work in the snow and with the big snowshoes.  This trip on Green was a bit more work than average, but was a blast as always and was great to get out with Homie.

Looking East

Bear Peak (and Sierra mostly hidden)

Homie on the summit (the dude on skis was telling us about dropping off the summit block and you can see confirmation of this.  Hope he was using his rock skis, no matter how much snow falls on these peaks, there are still a LOT of rocks and deadfall to hit.)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, 02/03/12 Local Run, Shoveling and the Plow Guy

2 miles/80 vert.

The ~2 feet of new snow, combined with sick babies, combined with a wife who is working on all 3 of my days off, is really taking a bite out of my running.  By the time I was able to get out (around 7:45pm), it was snowing really hard again and I decided that I would just take the dog for a quick walk and just not worry about running.

As soon as I walked out the door though, I felt invigorated.  Even though I was wearing untied shoes, jeans/street clothes and not dressed for running, I just started to run.  Soon my glasses fogged and visibility went from poor to really poor and I was just running by feel/memory of the path or just let Sierra guide me.  Ended up getting 2 miles in, which was a far cry from my original plan to go break track up Bear Peak, but at least it was SOMETHING and I did feel pretty good afterwards.

I did however get in over 2 hours of shoveling for the day, so that was a good bit of exercise.  I would have shoveled for several more hours if possible, I really love it.

"We like to say what's up guy, it's the way we say hi.  In February, it's good to know a plow guy"

(Probably best appreciated if you happen to be from the 603)

This video from Lucho inspired me to post the plow guy vid.

Majorly fogged glasses after my run

Rockin the 80's jeans (as Allison likes to tease).  My response "80's jeans, I don't get it, they are just jeans".  I am in good company, as GZ and Dave M also rock the same 80's jeans.  80's guys at heart I guess.

I stomped out a trench in the back yard for Sierra to use to go to the bathroom, otherwise she was in it to her shoulders.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday, 02/02/12 Local Run

3.09 miles/234 vert.

Was hoping to put in some quality miles with the baby jogger, but since the girls are sick, I was under strict orders to not take them outside (even though it was sunny and 50 most of the day).  Thus, I was not able to get out until 7:45pm or so, as the blizzard was really kicking into gear.  Started with the dog, but after doing her business, she was done and just wanted to head home.  After dropping her off, I continued on, taking it pretty easy, fighting a bit of vertigo as the wind driven snow zinging past my headlamp beam made things a little bit dizzying.

Goggles and a hooded hard shell were key

View from the deck late Thursday afternoon

View from the deck Friday morning (12-15 I am guessing, hard to tell with the drifting)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday, 02/01/12 Bear/Green

8.86 miles/4,005 vert./1:59:39/160 avg. HR  Garmin Data

Met up with Tony at Chautauqua at 6:45am.  Headed out Mesa, Fern, Bear, W. Ridge, Green/Bear then down 1st/2nd access to complete the loop.  Was a great morning, reasonable temperatures (low 30s to start and then warming), very little wind aside from a few gusts on upper Fern.  Went on the high side of moderate to low side of hard at times but never really dug in and encouraged Tony to just go his own pace on the steeper climbs, while I just plugged along at a more comfortable pace (he was nice enough to wait for me on the summits).

Was a pretty decent workout though given my conditioning level right now, coupled with the glacial trail conditions that slowed things down some.  Still a fair bit of ice on Mesa, much of Fern is just bulletproof bobsled run like conditions, especially above the saddle.  Bear to Green was ~85% snow and ice, but is less steep, so we could cruise that pretty well.  Took the descents pretty cautious, as it would just be too easy right to take a bad fall (OK, I am being a wimp, as Tony had little trouble with it and even gave me a "what's going on back there?" comment, which made me laugh and realize that I was really lagging).

Chautauqua to Bear:    59:17
Bear to Green:             35:05
Green to Chautauqua:  25:16