Sunday, May 22, 2011

05/22/11 Weekly Wrap Up

Monday, 05/16/11 S. Boulder Creek/Bobolink 6.2 miles/128 vert./55:29 Garmin data

Easy post work run with Allison and the babies in the Chariot. I pressed encouraged her a bit to set a baseline for the upcoming Bolder Boulder and she did pretty well I thought considering her lack of training, all of the cattle gates where she stopped to let me and the double jogger through, a few 180 degree turns, etc….. I think with just a little training, a more straight forward route without interruptions and some competition, she can chop a good bit of time off of this. Unfortunately, she is running in an unqualified wave and will have a lot of human obstacles to navigate around instead of running in a more appropriate wave (though I am trying to talk her into running the 2 mile treadmill qualifier at the BB store and upgrading waves, if that is still an option).

Tuesday, 05/17/11 Green Mountain (up/down front) 4 miles/2284 vert./56:18 (34:52 up/21:26 dn) Garmin data

It was raining heavily as I left work and I contemplated bailing on my run, but I had trouble passing up a guilt free hour of post work running, so I headed to Boulder anyways. As I got into town, the sun came out and the rain stopped, perfect! The peaks were still shrouded in clouds, but it was a fine afternoon to be outside, as the trails were wet, but the temperature was cool and pleasant. I pushed a little harder than normal on this run, but still not really a full on effort. It was awesome to feel good and feel as though I have rounded the corner where I am now only limited by my fitness/lack of training, I was in perfect sync mentally/physically and not fighting gravity or my Achilles. Was pleased to top out in under 35 minutes (just barely) and I feel like I am making progress, albeit slowly. I went a cautiously quick pace on the down, not taking any chances in with the wet trail conditions.

Wednesday, 05/18/11  Off because of dinner guests and rain.

Thursday, 05/19/11 Green Mountain (up/down back) 5.28 miles/2,355vert./1:37:55 Garmin data

Easy hike/jog with Allison and Sierra.  Raining with snow above ~7,000 feet.  55 up/42 down.

Friday, 05/20/11 Meadowlark/SingleHoffer/W. Coal Creek Dr.  10.05 miles/556 vert./1:22 Garmin data

Drove over to the TH for the Meadowlark/Mayhoffery Trails in Superior.  Pushing the Chariot with Amelie and Isabelle, went South to the Coalton Trail, backtracked and then decided that was too short and headed out the Singlehoff trail to W. Coal Creek Dr., then out to 66th street and the base of the Koppenburg climb.  I debated trying to get up it, but the road was a mess and did not seem at all reasonable, not to mention, the sky was getting dark to the West, so to play it safe I turned around.  Minutes after getting the babies and Chariot in the van, a big storm hit.  Great timing (some skill at reading the sky, but mostly luck).

Saturday, 05/21/11 Louisville Run  4 miles/146 vert.

Baby jogger run into Louisville to watch some bike racing.  Planned on doing more, but I was a bit discouraged with the wind, but mostly discouraged by consecutive day 3 of my achilles hurting, so I bagged it and ended up getting stuff done around the house while juggling babies (still a workout).

Sunday, 05/22/11 Green Mountain (up/down front) 4.07 miles/2278 vert./54:40 (33:51up) Garmin data

Solid run up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman, pushed pretty hard for most of the way, up and down.  Was only ~30 seconds off PR at the Saddle/Greenman jct., but somehow I lost an additional minute over the upper half (not too surprised really even though it felt like I was moving fast).  I guess I have forgotten what "fast" (for me) feels like.  Solid run back down, felt coordinated and pushed a little, but did not take any chances either, just cruising smooth.  I was pleased to see a 1 minute improvment on the ascent and a 1:38 improvement for the RT over my run here last Tuesday.  Progress is slow but steady.

Bumped into Homie as I was finishing and chatted with him for a bit.  Great to see him as always.

Video of the week: