Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011_06_18 S. Boulder Peak

~7.5 miles/3,000 vert./1:29:44 (50:33 up)  Garmin Data

I was getting ready for another baby jogger run and at the last minute, Homie called to invite me to run S. Boulder Peak, as Lori had offered to walk the girls with the jogger.  Score!  Thanks Lori!!!

I was having trouble getting my watch to get a satellite reading at the S. Mesa TH (not the first time at that TH for some reason) and told Homie to get started while I futzed around for a few minutes waiting for the watch, but finally gave up and started running.  1:45 in, I messed with the watch and flubbed it all up, so I stopped and waited another minute or two and it finally came to life and I was on my way.  I figured Homie was long gone, but I gave chase anyways, hoping that he would not have to wait too long for me at the summit. 

Despite the heat, I felt like I was moving reasonably well early on, but as the terrain steepened, my legs were starting to feel a little sluggish.  I also tripped and fell in front of a couple just as I started up Shadow.  It did not hurt, but I was embarrassed and knew they were thinking I was a dumb runner trying to go too fast (I have had an audience for ALL of my crashes on the trails over the years, go figure).  As a result, I was a bit pissed and sprinted up a very steep section and dug myself into a bit of oxygen debt. that I am not sure I really came back out of.  I finally caught sight of Homie about half way up Shadow (he had slowed to wait for me) and it took me a while to catch and pass him.

All the while I was doing watch split math, adding 1:45 to everything and knew I would sadly be very close to not breaking 50 minutes for the ascent.  I even dropped my bottle at the end to get after it, but really did not have much left to give and was suffering.  I ended up with a somewhat disappointing 50:33.  I jogged back down a ways to grab my bottle and meet Homie, then chased him back to the top.  We went a decent pace at times on the down, taking the Mesa Trail variation to look for the girls, but they were hanging out at the TH in the shade.

Anyone having trouble with blogger comments?

For the past few weeks (month?) I have been having a heck of a time commenting on blogger. I type up a nice and thoughtful response (or not), choose my google account under the "comment as" drop down. Then, one of 3 things happens.

1st scenario: I type a nice comment, select my google account, typically 3 or 4 times, THEN I get a jumble of letters/numbers for the security code (which I normally screw up at least once), then my comment will post.

2nd scenario: I type a nice comment, select my google account, then it dumps me over to the google sign in page, even though I am sure that I am signed in (can check gmail, post pictures to picasa, post or edit on any one of my blogs etc....). When this happens, I lose the comment that I had just typed and am then a combination of being frustrated and/or out of time to do it again, OR I type it up again (if it was a short comment) and still get kicked to the log in screen and lose it again.

3rd scenario: It works fine.

What gives? This happens on both my work and home computers, so I am guessing it is some sort of blogger setting or glitch, but I can’t really figure out a pattern or cause/effect as it is so random.

Does this happen to anyone else? Any thoughts or ideas?