Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, 10/21/11 Green Mountain

From Chautauqua
Up 3rd access/East slopes/Down East slopes/NE/1st access

3.83 miles/2,565 vert./1:47:07/126 avg. HR Garmin Data

Was planning a double baby carry with Aron today, but Allison ended up staying home from work sick, which opened up my options a bit.  I then figured I would just take Amelie, but after deciding on an afternoon trip to the zoo, I figured I should just head out there early and let the babies nap well before the big afternoon trip.

So, I figured I would mess around a bit on the front side as I have enjoyed doing so much as of late and make it a challenge to not use any real trail above the 3rd Flatiron.  I took the usual route, but then about a few hundred feet below the NE ridge, I started contouring left on intermittent and sporadic game trails.  I found some cool aspen groves at peak foliage and ended up doing some challenging bushwhacking, class 3 pine needles/cones and multiple bush belays.

I eventually ended up on the ridge above the log steps on upper Greenman and just made a bushy beeline for the summit.

Once there, Mike, who reads my blog recognized me and introduced himself and his wife.  I was a little surprised to be recognized, but flattered by his kind comments.  Nice to meet you Mike.

I backtracked some of my ascent route, but then took a much better way to the NE ridge (still staying off trail) and then took the usual route down the 1st/2nd Flatiron route.

This was mostly a hike, with a few short bursts of running and a lot of stopping to wait for Sierra, who was moving pretty slow today, but it was awesome to have her company and just enjoy yet another perfect Fall day and the vibrant colors.

Thursday, 10/20/11 Davidson Mesa

7.53 miles/245 vert./1:06/8:47 pace/135 avg. HR

Ran from home with the girls in the Chariot out to Harper Lake and Davidson Mesa.  Went pretty casual, just taking in the perfect warm Fall day, beautiful colors and most of all enjoying the company of my beautiful twin daughters who came home exactly one year ago, after spending 3 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit.