Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday, 10/14/11 Baby Jogger Run to Target

8.69 miles/357 vert./1:10:23/8:06 pace/137 avg. HR Garmin Data

Was hoping for a night run up Green and sent out a few invites, but by late afternoon, I had not heard back from anyone, so I was on the fence about what to do.  The girls had a 1 year doctor appt. at 2pm and got a few vaccination shots, so they were feeling a little grumpy (not to mention the appt. interfered with nap time), so I made a quick decision to combat the fussing by taking them on a run in the jogger.

While running, I decided on the fly that Target would be a good destination, as I needed a new electric razor and some T-shirts, so we headed out past Harper Lake to Davidson Mesa, then down behind Home Depot and crossed 36 via the park n ride elevators/bridge.

By the time I got to Target, I was getting a bit hungry (border line bonk), so I grabbed what I needed, plus a family size bag of Doritos.  To top it off, there was a rack of monster cereal by the register, so I grabbed a box of Boo Berry and a box of Franken Berry to go.

I took a bit of a shorter route back, mostly parallel to McCaslin/Via Appia and all I could think about were the Doritos and monster cereals and it was all I could do to resist the urge to pull over and eat.  Once I got back home, I promptly (and regretfully) chowed two bowls of Boo Berry and about 1/3 of the bag of Doritos while I fed babies, just about ruining my appetite for dinner.

This might have been my only run ever that involved the use of an elevator....  does that count for vertical?  (I did stop my watch, but not sure if it will correct for those differences).

Thursday, 10/13/11 S. Mesa Baby Hike

4.83 miles/1,083 vert./1:47

I planned on taking the girls up S. Boulder and maybe Bear, but the timing was off with naps/feeds, dog etc....  I was still debating it at the mouth of Shadow, but I knew that we would all be worse off because of it, so after about 30 feet up Shadow, I turned around and switched gears into just enjoying the day instead of carrying out a mission.  We took it pretty easy, stopped a few times, took pictures, etc....