2014 Pikes Peak Marathon

2014 Pikes Peak Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Marathon, Ready to Rock (or be rocked)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday, 01/14/12 Local Baby Jogger Run

8.3 miles/237 vert./1:05:50/7:56 pace/144 avg. HR

Ran with the girls today to go visit mom at work.  Was reasonably warm(ish), but somewhat windy, so I was either going an easy 6:30 pace when it was at my back, or pushing just a bit to stay in the 8 range running into it, but overall a mellow to moderate run.  Got a little bonky toward the end, but ate some GU Chomps that I always have stashed in the jogger which got me home feeling good.