Sunday, April 27, 2008

S. Boulder Peak/Bear Peak

3,300 vertical
2:15 RT
127bpm ave

I intended to go long today, but last minute guilty eyes from Sierra convinced me to bring her along and I suspected that this move would cut my run a bit short as she is tired from yesterday and she slows considerably as the weather warms.

The weather today was excellent and I felt really good. I immidiately regretted bringing Sierra along as she was moving quite slow. I went slow to keep her in sight and waited for a long time at all the water stops so she could cool off. Once we got into Shadow Canyon, she picked it up a notch as it was shady and somewhat cooler. We made the summit of S. Boulder in 1:04 going quite easy. After a bit of a break, we headed over to Bear, took another 5+ to take in the views and let Sierra rest. I debated Green, but just knew it would take too long, so we just headed back.

The Incline 4/26/08

2 miles
2,100 vertical
23:33 up
176 bpm ave.

Jeff and I decided that we would add a bit of torture to the day by throwing in the Incline after a great morning of snow climbing. I was tempted to bail and earn a WMPH card, but Jeff was hearing none of it. I knew that I was not feeling fresh, in addition to feeling a bit flat and not mentally into it, but what the heck. I started off a bit fast, but things quickly steepen to remind (force) you to slow down. After a few minutes of "running", I slowed to a power hike with my hands on my knees for assistance. On the steepest section, I was using my hands as well to assist grabbing the ties above, somewhat like a laid back ladder. The entire time, I only focused on no more than 2 or 3 ties ahead. Looking up more than that is just too discouraging as the Incline is so "in your face". I was at about 172 for quite a while, 175 in the middle, then 178 near the top. I was giving it about all I had, but I did not really have too much on the day. I ended up missing PR by 7 seconds, but I guess that was to be expected, I was happy to be that close all things considered. I was sheer torture, but I love it and was very happy I did it afterwards.

Little Pikes Peak Couloir 4/26/08

~4 miles from Elk Park
~2,300 vertical
Jeff Valliere, Dave Hale, Hoot, Jeff Kunkle, Scooby, Shep, Sierra, Denali

Had a fun morning of snow climbing a gulley Hoot had been eyeing from his house. Finished near Devils Playground and made for a nice little loop. The snow conditions were a bit variable and still need a few more warm days in my opinion to really shape up for ideal spring cramponing. The gully was not too steep, but steepened a bit near the top, maybe 35+ degrees. Awesome to get out on the snow, especially with such great company. Can't wait to go again soon.

Sanitas 4/24/08

3 miles
1,300 vertical
148bpm (up)

As my mom and stepdad were still in town, I snuck out for a early morning run up Sanitas. Went really easy due to the prospect of running the incline the next day (which ultimately never panned out). As the days lengthen and warm, I think I will switch to early morning runs, it is so peaceful and such a great way to start the day.

Moab Wrapup 4-20 thru 4-23

Had a great time taking my Mum and stepdad to Moab. Got out for some great hikes around Arches and Canyonlands. They were amazed, as they have never been there before. The highlight was a 12 miler for the Chessler Park/Joint trail route with roughly 2,000 vertical of up/down spread out along the route. They were beat afterwards as they are not used to hiking, but loved it and were glad they did it in the long run.

Not much running, snuck in a few steep slickrock intervals one day, then a 6 miler early in the morning up Negro Bill Canyon up to Morning Glory Arch. Did some up and backs while waiting for Allison. It was awesome flying through the canyon along the creek, through the trees not knowing why lay around the next bend. Desert running is such a blast, wish I could have done more.

Sunday: 3 miles/500 vertical
Monday: 9 miles/1,800 vertical
Tuesday: 12 miles/2,000 vertical
Wednesday: 6 miles/700 vertical