Thursday, October 29, 2009

No running, but lot's of shoveling.

I actually like to shovel. I enjoy the fresh cold air, the snow, the exercise, and find it invigorating, but man, it makes my lower back and arms sore (especially when the bottom few inches are slush) using those infrequently used muscles.

I also have a sadistic side while shoveling, taking pleasure in shoveling in neighbors cars that park long term alongside our curb. It agitates me a bit that people use their garages as storage, then have 3, 4, or more cars and park them all over the street. Parking boats, RVs and trailers add to the mix and just further trash things up.

I like our neighborhood, it is relatively quiet, the people are nice, but long term street parking really gets on my nerves.

While shoveling, I wonder what brings people to the point where they have to store boxes and boxes of junk in their garage. How does one accumulate so much un-used junk? It looks like moving day when you walk by and see box after box piled to the ceiling(I am just itching for the opportunity to ask somebody if they are moving).

Several times per year, I systematically go through my belongings and assess what I use and don't use, will I ever use it? If I have not used it in a year, it gets donated or sold on Craigslist.

Now that I am at the point of my life where I have a garage, I don't take it for granted and enjoy using it. Less chance of getting broken into, less chance of hail damage and who wants to scrape ice and snow off their car at 5:30 in the morning before work?

Enough ranting, I will probably have to go shovel again in a bit