Friday, April 4, 2008

S. Boulder Peak

8 miles
3,000 vertical
37 down
168bpm (on the ascent)
143bpm (on the descent)

Had a great run up S. Boulder. Went up Homestead instead of Towee (which I think takes a minute or so longer) in hopes of seeing Allison and Sierra. Bumped into them eventually as they were on their way down. Gave a kiss and a pat and got a quick conditions report. Was feeling pretty good, going hard but definitely not all out. Got to the mouth of Shadow in 19 and once it got steep, I felt my achilles talking. I backed off a good bit for 10 or so minutes and the discomfort subsided, so I ramped it back up a bit. Made the saddle in an unimpressive 43:?? and from there on it was a complete slip fest to the summit, as the hard packed snow was freezing solid. Was happy to make the summit in under 50, turned tail and picked my way back down. Busted ass twice on the steep icy snow, but was lucky only to get a cold hand. Once beyond the saddle I picked up the pace, but still went conservative as footing was a bit slick with shoes that were often wet. Definitely do not want to get hurt being the last one on the hill for the day. Awesome day, wore shorts and felt great. Rolled my ankle severely, enough to come down and touch the ground with my hand, but fortunately, it did not do any damage.